Congress trying to rake up non-issues to tarnish Govt`s image: BJP

BJP on Monday dismissed as "baseless" the claim about recovery of snooping devices from Union Minister Nitin Gadkari`s residence and alleged that a "frustrated" Congress was trying to rake up such "non-issues" to preserve its identity and tarnish BJP government`s image.

Is your phone being tapped: Find out

In case one feels that his/her phone is being tapped, one has the right to lodge a complaint at the local police station.

Opposition demands govt statement in Parliament on Gadkari bugging issue

Unconvinced with Nitin Gadkari dismissing a report about bugging of his residence, Congress and other opposition parties Monday demanded that the government give a statement in Parliament on the issue.

Violation of Indian laws by US agencies unacceptable: Govt on snooping

Government will not accept breach of any Indian law relating to privacy of people by US agencies under their surveillance programmes and the same has been conveyed to US government, Parliament was informed Friday.

Nations hide rise in private digital snooping: UN

UN`s top human rights official said her office sees strong evidence that governments on every continent are hiding their increasing reliance on private companies to snoop on citizens` digital lives.

US senator John McCain meets PM Narendra Modi

The US has high level of expectations about a new momentum of India`s economic growth under the new government, a senior American Senator Thursday told Prime Minister Narendra Modi who expressed desire to take the relationship to a new level.

We condemn all kinds of snooping: Congress

Amid reports that BJP was spied upon by the US National Security Agency, Congress today said it condemns all kinds of snooping by any sovereign country on any other sovereign nation.

India sought access to Vodafone network to intercept calls

India is among 29 nations that sought access to Vodafone`s network to intercept calls, text messages and e-mails last year, the UK-based group said.

Turkish parliament approves law expanding snooping powers

Turkey`s parliament today approved a controversial law expanding the powers of the spy agency and setting prison terms for publishing leaked information as the government fights back against a widening corruption scandal.

NSA`s hacking into Huawei servers reveals agency`s role in cyber-intrigues with China

The National Security Agency hacked into Chinese tech company Huawei`s networks and spied on the company`s top executives, according to reports based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

`Govts can lose $50 bn due to malware in pirated software`

Governments could lose more than USD 50 billion in dealing with costs associated with malware on pirated software, shows a study by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and research firm IDC.

India among world`s `worst online spies` in democratic countries

Shady agencies working in democratically elected governments are among the worst online spies in the world, a media watchdog has said.

`US lost critical foreign intel sources due to Snowden leaks`

United States has lost critical foreign intelligence collection sources as a result of the unauthorised leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden, a top American intelligence official has said.

US spy chief calls on Edward Snowden to return NSA documents

Leaks from ex-intelligence contractor Edward Snowden have damaged America`s national security and he should return the secret documents he has "stolen", the US spy chief said.

Britain says head of eavesdropping agency to step down

Britain announced that the head of GCHQ, the secret eavesdropping agency that has come under scrutiny following leaks by former US analyst Edward Snowden, is to stand down.

Snowden says US officials want to assassinate him

Former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden told German TV on Sunday about reports that US government officials want to assassinate him for leaking secret documents about the NSA`s collection of telephone records and emails.

Snowden says NSA also spies on industry: German TV

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden claimed in a new interview that the US agency is involved in industrial espionage.

Snowden sees `no chance` for fair trial in US

Fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden said Thursday he has no plans to return to the United States, because he would have "no chance" for a fair trial.

NSA snooping illegal, violates privacy: US watchdog

The bulk telephone data collection by a US intelligence agency is a massive violation of civil liberties and should be shut down, a government advisory panel said Thursday.

Microsoft offers users to store data outside US away from NSA`s prying eyes

In a bid to thwart government snooping on its customers` private data, Microsoft has reportedly announced its plans to offer overseas data storage to users.