Police find no explosion near UK army barracks after blast report

British police said it carried out a lengthy investigation involving counter-terrorism experts and bomb detection dogs following reports of a blast near Britain`s largest army training site on Saturday, but found no evidence of an explosion. 

UK faces biggest threat to its security since 9/11: Interior Minister

Britain faces a bigger threat to its security from terrorism than at any time before or since the Sept. 11 2001 attacks on the United States, Home Secretary Theresa May said on Monday.

British government under fire over European vote

British Prime Minister David Cameron`s government came under fire in parliament on Monday for apparently backing out of a vote on joining an EU-wide arrest warrant system under a threat of rebellion by eurosceptic lawmakers.

IS militants could ''acquire nuclear weapons'' to attack Britain: Theresa May

The United Kingdom`s Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that `Islamic State terrorists could acquire chemical, biological or even nuclear weapons` to attack Britain if they are successful in establishing an extremist state.

Britain mulls steps to combat extremism

To discourage extremist elements originating from Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May has plans to bring in new laws that may strip Britons fighting in Syria and Iraq of their citizenship.

UK orders inquiry into undercover police work

British officials have ordered a judge-led public inquiry into how undercover police handled the 1993 stabbing of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Britain seeks to strip naturalised terror suspects of citizenship

UK Home Secretary Theresa May wants to strip naturalised terror suspects of their British citizenship in a last-minute amendment to an immigration bill expected to face strong opposition in parliamentary debates Thursday.

Snooper`s Charter is `costly and highly contentious` says Big five

Big Five, the five biggest internet companies of the world, which include Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter and Google have warned the Home Secretary that they would not co-operate voluntarily with Snooper`s charter.

Thousands headed to violent extremism: British home secretary

British Home Secretary Theresa May on Sunday warned that thousands of people living in Britain could be "on the path" to becoming violent radicals and terrorists.

UK Home Secretary asks women to realise their potential

British Home Secretary Theresa May visited a Hindu Temple here on the occasion of International Women`s Day and called upon women to fulfill their potential to encourage others to go above and beyond.

Keith Vaz angers women MPs over `sexist` remark

British Indian MP Keith Vaz has evoked sharp criticism from his female counterparts after allegedly making a `sexist` remark about Home Secretary Theresa May.

Queen tops list of most powerful women in Britain

Home Secretary Theresa May has been voted the most powerful woman in Britain after the Queen.

UK Home Secretary says Britons’ Internet surveillance ‘will save lives’

UK’s Home Sec Theresa May has said that plans to monitor Britons online will save lives allowing security services and police to snoop on emails/

UK: Families could face jail for forcing children to marry

Families, including from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and east Africa, who forced their children to marry against their will could face jail under strict laws that will be unveiled by UK`s Home Secretary Theresa May.

Joan Collins fires angry tweet at Theresa May over Heathrow commotion

Joan Collins took to Twitter to vent out her anger after she was one of thousands of passengers held up in airport chaos on Tuesday.

UK blames border chiefs for security breach

UK will never know for certain how many suspected terrorists and criminals were waved into the country since July.

UK to change rules to deport foreign criminals?

Britain is likely to change immigration rules so that such individuals do
not take recourse to an individual`s "right to family life"
under human rights rules to stay in the country.

UK: Theresa May wants Human Rights Act to be axed

UK Home Secretary has called for the Human Rights Act to be scrapped saying that it hinders the government’s attempts to deport foreign criminals .

Britain to have FBI-style agency by 2013

The only major threat the US-style National Crime Agency won`t control is counter-terrorism.

UK govt moves to axe ID cards

The UK has initiated moves to scrap controversial GBP 5 billion ID scheme.