Watch: Michelle Obama's 'Gimme Five' fitness video

The first lady of USA sure knows how to set an example. On the fifth anniversary of the fitness campaign started by Michelle Obama called 'Let’s Move', the President challenged her to share her Top 5 work out moves with the world.

Obama meets with advisers on Iraq, reaffirms support for Abadi

President Barack Obama was briefed by his top national security advisers on Tuesday on the situation in Iraq and the strategy to counter Islamic State militants, the White House National Security Council said in a statement.

Barack Obama moves to demilitarise US cops

President Barack Obama plans to bar police from using tracked armored vehicles, bayonets, grenade launchers and large-caliber firearms, in response to accusations that US law enforcement has become too militarised.

Obama assuaging Arab countries by accusing Iran: Minister

 Iran`s top diplomat has dismissed US President Barack Obama`s recent anti-Iran remarks, saying the comments are aimed at pleasing Washington`s Arab allies.

Senate Democrats block Obama on free-trade initiative

In a setback to President Barack Obama`s agenda, US Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked the advance of a measure giving him authority to swiftly finalize a historic Pacific Rim trade deal.

January Jones misses meeting Obama
January Jones misses meeting Obama

‘Mad Men’ actress January Jones had to miss her meeting US President Barack Obama because her son was ill.

Saudi king sending crown prince to summit with Obama this week

 Saudi Arabia`s King Salman has designated his crown prince to attend a Gulf Arab summit with US President Barack Obama, the state news agency, SPA, reported on Sunday, just two days after the White House said the monarch would attend the gathering.

Obama congratulates Netanyahu, says will work with new govt

 US President Barack Obama congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday after Israel`s Prime Minister forged a new coalition government.

Ex-US president Carter urges Palestinian elections

 Former US president Jimmy Carter on Saturday urged Palestinians to hold elections to end the de facto division of the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the Islamist-run Gaza Strip.

Obama, Abe say not opposed to China infrastructure bank

US President Barack Obama and Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe said today that they were not opposed to China's Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, but stressed it needs high standards and transparency.

US President Barack Obama sends Holy Cloth for offering at Ajmer Sharif

A red coloured Chaddar (Holy Cloth), which was sent by US President Barack Obama on the occasion of the 803th annual celebrations of Urs of Hz. Khawaja Moinudeen Chishty, would be offered at Ajmer Dargah Sharif in Rajasthan on Monday.

Obama writes about Modi in Time magazine, calls him 'India's reformer-in-chief'

US President Barack Obama has written about Narendra Modi in TIME magazine, talking about his rise in politics from a tea seller to India's Prime Minister.

Marco Rubio - the 2016 presidential campaign's $40 million man

Less than a week after announcing his 2016 campaign for president, Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida doesn`t need to worry about money.

Digvijay's dig at Obama's praise of Modi

Congress leader Digvijay Singh today had a dig at US President Barack Obama praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by recalling Winston Churchill's remarks about German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Obama urges Gulf nations to help with chaos in Libya

President Barack Obama on Friday urged Gulf nations to help calm the chaotic political situation in Libya, saying that outside military action would not be enough to help reduce tensions in the war-ravaged North African country.

Obama to host Gulf leaders in May

US President Barack Obama will welcome the six leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council kingdoms in mid-May for talks on Iran`s nuclear program and the conflicts in Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

PM Modi thanks Obama for 'touching and inspiring' words in Time magazine profile

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday thanked US President Barack Obama for writing a profile on him in Time magazine.

Narendra Modi is 'India's reformer-in-chief', Barack Obama writes in Time magazine
Narendra Modi is 'India's reformer-in-chief', Barack Obama writes in Time magazine

US president Barack Obama has written about Narendra Modi in TIME magazine, talking about his rise in politics from a tea seller to India's Prime Minister.

Lopez excited about Hillary Clinton's White House bid
Lopez excited about Hillary Clinton's White House bid

Jennifer Lopez is excited about Hillary Clinton's announcement about her second attempt for White House.

Barack Obama offers energy partnership to woo Caribbean leaders

US President Barack Obama met Caribbean leaders Thursday, offering a clean energy alternative to nations squeezed by more expensive Venezuelan crude.