Obama to press at UN for broader anti-IS coalition

US President Barack Obama plans to make his case against the Islamic State militants before the world at the United Nations General Assembly next week in a bid for greater international support in the anti-IS fight.

Man jumps White House fence, sparks brief evacuation

A man jumped over the White House fence and ran for several seconds towards the executive mansion on Friday, sparking an evacuation within the complex shortly after President Barack Obama and his daughters departed for the weekend.

Part of White House evacuated; Obama not present, say witnesses

White House staff and reporters were evacuated on Friday night by the Secret Service because an intruder was spotted running on the grounds of the complex shortly after President Barack Obama had left the building, witnesses said.

US President Barack Obama vows to fight sexual assault on college campuses

US President Barack Obama vowed Friday to fight sexual violence on college campuses, launching a campaign to banish the "quiet tolerance" of assault.

Russian aggression undermined Ukrainian sovereignty: US President Barack Obama

Russian aggression in Crimea and parts of Eastern Ukraine has violated the sovereignty of Ukraine, US President Barack Obama has said.

Ebola epidemic spiraling out of control: Obama

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is "spiraling out of control" and posing a potential threat to global security, US President Barack Obama warned Tuesday.

Obama awards Medal of Honor to two Vietnam War veterans

President Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Honor, America`s most distinguished honor for heroism in combat, to two soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War, one who survived and one who was killed in action.

Gwyneth Paltrow to host Barack Obama for fundraiser
Gwyneth Paltrow to host Barack Obama for fundraiser


Los Angeles: Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow is all set to host President Barack Obama at her home for a fundraiser.

US urges Afghan rivals to resolve disputed vote

US President Barack Obama today urged the rival candidates in Afghanistan's disputed election to come to an agreement on a national unity government to end the crisis over the vote.

Barack Obama to outline strategy as US expands Iraq strikes

US President Barack Obama has vowed to outline a long-awaited strategy against Islamic State jihadists on Wednesday, after Washington expanded its month-long air campaign to Iraq`s Sunni Arab heartland.

Will give speech Wednesday on Islamic State strategy: Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama says he will make a speech Wednesday to lay out his "game plan" to deal with and ultimately defeat the Islamic State militants, but warned he was not going to wage another ground war in Iraq.

Top Barack Obama aide in Beijing to highlight vital China ties

 President Barack Obama`s top White House national security aide lands in Beijing on Sunday, signaling that ties with China remain a priority despite turmoil and tensions tearing at US foreign policy.

NATO membership open to nations meeting standards: Barack Obama

 US President Barack Obama Friday said NATO will defend every ally, while reaffirming that the door to NATO membership remains open to nations that can meet its "high standards".

'International community unwilling to tolerate Russian behaviour in Ukraine'

The United States today accused Russia of moving across the border and targeting the Ukrainian military positions.

Romney for US president in 2016? Iowa poll puts him on top

Americans may not be through with Mitt Romney after all.

Obama strategist jumps aboard controversial Uber app

A political strategist who ran US President Barack Obama`s winning campaign in 2008 has hopped on board at controversial smartphone car-hailing service Uber.

Obama urges Iraqis to unite because `the wolf``s at the door`

US President Barack Obama urged Iraqis on Monday to quickly form an inclusive government to unite against Islamic militants, warning "the wolf`s at the door" and that US airstrikes can only accomplish so much.

Obama hails Syria arms destruction, vows vigilance

US President Barack Obama hailed the completion on Monday of the destruction of Syria`s chemical weapon stockpile, but said Washington would seek to ensure that Damascus fulfills all its commitments.

On vacation break, Obama discusses Iraq, Missouri

Taking a two-day break from summer vacation, President Barack Obama met with top advisers at the White House on Monday to review developments in Iraq and in racially charged Ferguson, Missouri, two trouble spots where Obama has ordered his administration to intervene.

Obama informs Congress of airstrikes to retake Mosul dam

US President Barack Obama formally notified Congress on Sunday that he had authorized "limited" airstrikes in Iraq to help security forces, which retook the country`s largest dam earlier from militants.