US Air Force files on UFO investigations finally available online
US Air Force files on UFO investigations finally available online

Declassified US Air Force files on UFO investigations and sighting are now available on the web wherein nearly 130,000 pages are already present online.

US Air Force moves to stem shortage of drone pilots

Facing a shortage of drone pilots, the US Air Force said Thursday it will increase pay for those who operate the robotic planes and draw on airmen from the reserves to fill the gap.

US Air Force believes fighter jet crashed in Gulf

Air Force officials say they believe an F-16 fighter jet has crashed in the Gulf of Mexico.

US Air Force probed for scrapping costly planes bought for Afghans

A US government watchdog agency is asking the Air Force to explain why it destroyed 16 aircraft initially bought for the Afghan air force and turn them into $32,000 of scrap metal instead of finding other ways to salvage nearly $500 million in US funds spent on the program.

ISIS plans to seize Iran’s nuclear secret

Leaders of the extremist group, ISIS (Islamic State) are planning to obtain nuclear weapons.

Atheist must swear to God -- or leave US Air Force

The US Air Force has told a sergeant he will have to leave the military unless he agrees to take an oath with the phrase "so help me God," officials said Tuesday.

Hurricane Norbert forces cruise to change course

Hurricane Norbert swirled off Mexico`s tourist-friendly Pacific coast on Thursday, causing downpours that forced authorities to cut power, close schools and change a cruise ship`s route.

US Air Force to launch new surveillance satellites

The US Air Force will launch new satellites Wednesday to track those of other countries and counter possible threats to American spacecraft, officials said.

Strike sees Kerry taking the train to France

John Kerry has flown almost half a million miles (kilometres) around the world on his diplomatic travels, but on Wednesday he found himself grounded by an air traffic controller strike and hoofing it to Paris by rail.

US deploys first advanced drones to Japan

The US Air Force has deployed two of its most advanced long-distance surveillance drones to a base in northern Japan over the past week, enhancing its ability to monitor nuclear activities in North Korea and Chinese naval operations.

US airmen aid burned Chinese sailors in high seas rescue

US airmen parachuted into the Pacific Ocean to help Chinese sailors who suffered burns when their ship sank, the US Air Force said Monday.

US commanders fired in nuclear base scandal

US Air Force fired 9 nuclear commanders and will discipline junior officers at a nuclear missile base in response to an exam-cheating scandal that spanned a far longer period than originally reported.

US says 92 nuclear officers tied to cheating scandal

The US Air Force said on Friday that 92 nuclear missile officers are now implicated in a widening scandal over cheating on exams and have been suspended from their duties.

Cheating on tests at US N-facility was common, ex-officers say

US Air Force officers operating nuclear-armed missiles at a base in Montana cheated for years on monthly readiness tests, but rarely faced punishment even though some commanders were aware of the misconduct, according to a media report on Sunday.

34 US Air Force officers in cheating scandal

US Air Force says 34 missile launch officers have been implicated in cheating scandal and 3 in drug probe, the latest missteps by those who maintain and operate the nation`s 450 nuclear missiles.

Investigators study scene after copter crash in UK

Authorities in England cordoned off flooded marshes to investigate the crash of a military helicopter that killed four US Air Force crewmembers.

Four US Air Force crew killed in helicopter crash in UK

British police said on Wednesday they would be working with the US Air Force and others to find out why a US military helicopter crashed on the coast of eastern England, killing all four crew on board.

Four US military dead in British helicopter crash

A US military helicopter crashed while on a low-level training exercise in eastern England on Tuesday, killing all four crew members, military officials announced.

US Air Force to employ laser-based fighter jets by 2030

The US Air Force is reportedly looking at employing laser-based fighter jets by 2030.

IAF gets fourth airlifter Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

The IAF has received its fourth Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, a large, versatile military transport aircraft capable of carrying heavy, oversize loads long distances and landing on rough and unprepared surfaces. Once India receives its full complement of ten aircraft, it will be the largest C-17 operator outside the US.