North Korea`s Kim out of sight as official worked to free Americans

US intelligence chief James Clapper made a secret mission to North Korea to secure the release of two Americans at Pyongyang`s initiative, but did not meet leader Kim Jong-Un, an official said.

Bae, the longest-held US prisoner in North Korea

A South Korean-born missionary detained by North Korea just over two years ago, Kenneth Bae was the US citizen who languished the longest in the totalitarian state`s jails.

Documentary on Snowden debuts in US theatres

 "Citizenfour," a documentary about former US intelligence operative Edward Snowden, garnered praise and criticism over the weekend in its debut at US theatres, while the US remains divided between those who consider him a hero and others who call him a traitor.

Australian ex-PM Howard `embarrassed` by 2003 Iraq war dossier

 Former Australian leader John Howard has said he was embarrassed that the US intelligence on weapons of mass destruction he used to send troops to Iraq in 2003 proved to be unfounded.

US intelligence officials looking into suspected new spy leak

The intelligence officials were preparing a criminal referral over the publication on "The Intercept" website.

Oliver Stone to make Snowden film

Oliver Stone is to make a film about fugitive US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, based on a book by a British journalist, it was announced.

US eavesdropping on hundreds of key German figures: Report

US intelligence stepped up eavesdropping on hundreds of key figures in Germany, including a government minister, after Chancellor Angela Merkel was dropped as a direct target, a German report said.

Australian FM lashes Snowden `treachery` on US visit

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop lashed out today at Edward Snowden, accusing the US intelligence leaker of "unprecedented treachery" after he unveiled Canberra`s efforts to spy on Indonesia.

US intelligence to remain `interested` in foreign govts: Obama

The US will continue to spy on foreign governments, President Barack Obama has said even as he assured German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he would not allow the surveillance mechanism to harm their bilateral relations.

US snooping: Obama`s reforms `fall short`

As President Barack Obama ordered curbs on data collected by US intelligence agencies and vowed not to monitor the communications of "our close friends and allies,`` critics said the changes do not go far enough.

Bleak future for Afghanistan, US intelligence says: Report

Progress in Afghanistan over the past three years is likely to be seriously eroded by 2017 even if Western powers continue to support Kabul financially, a media report said today, citing an intelligence assessment.

Correa slams report on CIA role in Ecuador strike

Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa warned on Monday that reports US intelligence played a role in a 2008 Colombian attack on FARC rebels in his country as a threat to regional peace efforts.

Snowden free to cooperate with Germany: Kremlin

Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden is free to cooperate with Germany on reports of the alleged US tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel`s telephone conversations, the Kremlin said Saturday.

US spy chiefs face Congress amid spying rift with Europe

Top US intelligence officials appeared at a congressional hearing on Tuesday amid a public uproar that has expanded from anger over the National Security Agency collecting the phone and email records of Americans to spying on European allies.

US spy chiefs to face Congress as surveillance review announced

In a bid to cool down the increasing global outrage over the NSA surveillance, the White House has admitted that there were "constraints" needed to be exercised on the data gathering practices by the US intelligence.

Obama seeks review of US intelligence gathering

The US has asserted that it will continue to gather foreign intelligence, which it argued is essential to keep the nation and allies safe, amid report that National Security Agency monitored the phone conversations of 35 world leaders.

US shutdown forces `damaging` spy layoffs: Director

Some 70 per cent of employees in US intelligence have been furloughed in the government shutdown, the top US spy official said on Wednesday, calling the situation "damaging" to national security.

Snowden `wears disguise, in danger`: Lawyer

US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden is living under guard at a secret address in Russia and sometimes emerges in disguise, although he remains in such danger that even a family visit could endanger his security, his lawyer said on Monday.

Syria crisis: Initial Western intelligence reports suggest chemical weapons use

US and allied intelligence agencies have made a preliminary assessment that chemical weapons were used by Syrian forces in an attack near Damascus this week according to American security sources.

Project Prism and colour Indigo

USA is not new to the controversies related to surveillance of its own citizens as well as its own allies.