Putin holds late-night talks on Ukraine with European leaders

Russia`s President Vladimir Putin and his French, German and Ukrainian counterparts agreed in a phone call early Wednesday that they wanted talks between Kiev, Moscow and rebels controlling parts of eastern Ukraine to resume as soon as possible.

Soviet `angry young poet` Yevtushenko hospitalised


Moscow: Russian non-conformist poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, who achieved rock star fame during the Soviet era, was hospitalised Sunday after suffering a fall.

Russia denies military jet near miss with airliner over Sweden

Russia`s defence ministry on Sunday denied a report by Swedish military that a Russian military plane nearly collided this week with a passenger plane over Sweden.

Ukraine says 11 attacks, drone spotted despite truce

The Ukrainian army on Saturday reported 11 attacks against its positions in the east where a ceasefire is tentatively holding and said a drone was spotted over Mariupol, the last major eastern town under its control.

Russia would react if US imposes new sanctions: Minister

Russia will take counter measures if Washington imposes new sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine crisis, Russia`s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said, according to an Interfax news agency report published on Saturday.

Russia's Lavrov says peace talks in Ukraine needed swiftly
Russia's Lavrov says peace talks in Ukraine needed swiftly

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated on Friday Moscow`s calls to convene as soon as possible another round of peace talks on the conflict in east Ukraine`s Donbass region, TASS news agency reported.

Hollande to discuss Ukraine crisis with Putin in Moscow: Paris

French President Francois Hollande will make an unscheduled stop in Moscow later on Saturday to discuss the Ukraine crisis with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, his office said.

Putin meets Syrian foreign minister for first time

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday hosted Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in his first meeting with a top envoy from Damascus since the old Moscow ally plunged into civil war more than three years ago.

Vladimir Putin breaks silence on family to say daughters live in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, famously reticent about his private life, broke silence on Sunday on the whereabouts of his two daughters, whose lives are a highly kept secret.

Russia`s Lavrov heading to Vienna for Iran talks: Reports

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is heading to Vienna to join the Iran nuclear talks and is expected there late Sunday, RIA Novosti state news agency reported, citing a diplomat.

Putin says Russia is not isolated: TASS

President Vladimir Putin said Moscow was not and would not be isolated on the international scene and dismissed the risk of "catastrophic consequences" for the Russian economy of Western sanctions combined with a oil price fall and rouble slide.

Kiev says Russia has 7,500 troops in Ukraine

Ukraine`s defence minister said Saturday that Russia has 7,500 troops in the east of the country, where pro-Moscow separatists have been fighting government troops for months.

Iran talks 'tense', deal 'very difficult': Russia

Talks on Iran's nuclear programme are being held in a tense atmosphere and getting a deal will be very difficult, Russia's chief negotiator told Russian agency RIA Novosti as a deadline loomed.

'Syrian team, Putin to discuss relaunching peace talks'

A high-level Syrian delegation is to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to discuss a possible relaunch of peace talks with the opposition, a senior Syrian official said on Thursday.

Russia ready to work with US: Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday said Russia is prepared to cooperate on different levels with the US on the basis of mutual respect for both countries` strategic interests.

Russia urges Ukraine not to join NATO

Russia on Wednesday called for Ukraine to stay out of the NATO alliance, insisting that a "non-aligned status" was in the interests of the ex-Soviet country.

Putin greets new US envoy with demand not to interfere

President Vladimir Putin greeted the new US ambassador to Russia on Wednesday with a demand for Washington to treat Moscow as an equal partner and stay out of its internal affairs.

Ukraine PM calls for talks with Russia on `neutral territory`

Ukraine`s prime minister on Tuesday called for fresh talks with Russia on "neutral territory" as deadly fighting rumbled on in the country`s east.

Russia urges US, Ukraine to disclose MH17 crash data

Moscow: Moscow has once again urged the US to disclose the satellite images taken over eastern Ukraine when Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed.

Russia to deploy new systems to detect space objects

Moscow: Russia will deploy dozens of new-generation early warning stations by 2018 to detect space objects such as debris and meteorites, Russia's Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) said Monday.