Violent video games don't make autistic adults angry

 According to a study, there is new evidence to counter the common speculation that violent video games may cause gamers with autism to turn aggressive and act violently.

Misbah-ul-Haq lacked aggression as skipper: Inzamam-ul-Haq
Misbah-ul-Haq lacked aggression as skipper: Inzamam-ul-Haq

Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq on Saturday said that Misbah-ul-Haq was a defensive skipper in their entire cricket World Cup campaign and lacked aggression like the legendary Imran Khan.

Aggression positively correlated to muscle development in boys

 Boys who show aggressive tendencies develop greater physical strength as teenagers than boys who are not aggressive, says a study.

Stephen Hawking believes aggression threatens to destroy everyone
Stephen Hawking believes aggression threatens to destroy everyone

Stephen Hawking has said that aggression may have had survival advantage in caveman days, but now it threatens to destroy everyone.

Virat Kohli`s aggression adds spice to final Test
Virat Kohli`s aggression adds spice to final Test

Virat Kohli`s pressing task as the new Test skipper is to arrest India`s woeful away record, starting with Tuesday`s final Test against Australia in Sydney.

Parental behaviour behind tot's anger issues

A new study has revealed that that parental behaviour may influence the development of an association between physical aggression in toddlers and the frustration caused by language problems.

Substance abuse related to future violence among mentally ill

A study conducted by the University of Buffalo suggests that reducing substance abuse can lessen violent acts by patients with severe mental illness.

Aggressive not depressed adolescents likelier to become alcoholics

A new study has demonstrated that adolescents who are aggressive in nature are more likely to drink alcohol and in larger quantities than their peers whereas depression and anxiety are not connected to increased alcohol drinking.

Alcohol-related terms too can lead to aggression

Are you exposed to terms related to booze but do not drink alcohol? Exposing people to alcohol-related terms can influence aggressive behaviour in ways similar to actually consuming alcohol, a study reveals.

Prenatal smoking linked to enhanced aggressive behavior in children

Scientists have revealed that they have found evidence of an interaction between and genetic risk factors that increase aggressive behavior in children, especially in girls.

Feelings of failure drive aggression in video gamers

Aggression in video gamers is linked to their experiences of failure and frustration during play, and not to a game`s violent content, a new study has claimed.

Chronic stress in early life linked to anxiety, aggression in adulthood

Researchers have suggested that chronic stress in early life causes anxiety, aggression in adulthood.

Video games linked to aggressive behaviour in kids: Study

Youths who play video games are more likely to think and act in aggressive ways, suggested a study out Monday of more than 3,000 schoolchildren in Singapore.

Spanking toddlers at home a worrisome trend: Study

Do you spank your baby often, little realising that this may lead to greater aggression, depression and other negative behaviour in his/her life later in life?

Toddlers` aggression linked to genetic factors

A new study has found that the development of physical aggression in toddlers is strongly associated genetic factors and to a lesser degree with the environment.

Physical punishment tied to aggression, hyperactivity

Regardless of the culture a child lives in, corporal punishment may do lasting psychological harm, German researchers say.

Early puberty in children is worrying for parents

Ten-year-old Khyati Khanna (name changed) refused to go to school, decided to stay indoors and shunned her friends and family after "suddenly noticing changes in her body.

2-drug combo can help kids with ADHD and aggression

A new study has revealed that prescribing both a stimulant and an antipsychotic drug to children with physical aggression and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), along with teaching parents to use behaviour management techniques, reduces aggressive and serious behavioural problems in the children.

`Spoonful of sugar` also makes aggression go down!

A study has revealed that consuming a little sugar or using the non-dominant hand could reduce outbursts and control people`s impulse to fight when they get aggressive.

Sweat predicts aggression in children

Lower levels of sweat, as measured by skin conductance activity (SCA), have been linked with conduct disorder and aggressive behavior in children and adolescents.