`Govt may relax gold import duty by 2-3%`

Gold might trade in a range of roughly between Rs 25,000-Rs 28,500.

Overview of Indian Economy

The major challenge before the new government is to kick-start the growth rate cycle, which is sluggish under 5 percent.

Budget and You

The decision of the Finance Minister will be closely watched by all and sundry, here is the list of most awaited announcements.

Budget 2014: It’s time to bring back India's growth story

The government has to walk the tightrope and do a balancing act between resorting to extreme reform push and adopting pro-people programmes.

Gold to test support at $1,200 per ounce

Safe heaven appeal can be the main reason for increase in gold prices.

Gold: It's time to buying the dips

If economic activities remain sluggish for the entire year, then gold will continue its journey towards the north. However, any improvement in economic data can result in some fall in gold towards the level of Rs 27,000- Rs 28,000.

Crude oil may test $120 per barrel

In an interview with Ajeet Kumar of Zeebiz.com, Shiv Shrivastava, MD & CEO, IGuru Research shares his views on oil price trend, outlook and fundamentals.

Gold still vulnerable to FED tapering

Markets have, however, discounted the beginnings of a policy shift on the part of the Fed, but we have to see the reaction when actual impact will be seen.

2014 Outlook: Global economic recovery to cheer commodity market

Better global economy growth may lift demand of metals & crude oil.

2014 Outlook: Gold to underperform equities

Gold is the investment asset class which provides a hedge against inflation and better returns during recession when currencies lose their value drastically.

Gold may remain between Rs 28K to Rs 33K by year-end

Though there is some weakness in international market but we may see an upside of around Rs 31,000 in gold in MCX due to supply squeeze.

Why has govt failed to stem rupee`s fall?

To bring back rupee to 55-level will be an uphill struggle.

Gold rout: What should you do?

It is advisable to have one tenth of gold in your total portfolio both for the first time investors as well as the seasoned ones.

Gold's bull run not over; it's just a correction

Vandana Bharti, AVP, Commodity fundamental reserach, SMC COMTRADE LTD, in an exclusive interview with Ajeet Kumar of Zeebiz.com explains extensively the current trends in the gold market, downside risks and price outlook.

Gold price at a risk of prolonged downturn

In a special interview with Ajeet Kumar of ZeeBiz.com, T Gnanasekar, Director Comtrendz, shares his views on gold price outlook, investment demand and various other aspects.

It’s time for a pragmatic Budget

It’s high time that the government made a balanced budget which is devoid of both populism and unreasonable reforms.

India’s growth story: Can it regain momentum?

Here is an overview of the Indian economy.

Budget and Aam Aadmi: What actually matters?

Let’s have a sneak peek into the common man’s expectations from the Union Budget 2013-14.

RBI needs to rethink on monetary tightening

Slow industrial growth and widening fiscal deficit are prompting the policy makers to take a re-look at its policy of monetary tightening to contain rising prices.