Eating baked or broiled fish weekly boosts memory and cognition

A new study has revealed that eating baked or broiled fish weekly is good for the brain, as it boosts memory and cognition.

How Zinc affects human body revealed

Researchers have revealed that zinc is one of the most essential trace metals found in human nutrition and lifestyle and it affects the human body in many ways.

New brain protein tied to Alzheimer`s disease

Scientists have linked a new protein to Alzheimer`s disease, different from the amyloid and tau that make up the sticky brain plaques and tangles long known to be its hallmarks.

B vitamins can`t prevent Alzheimer`s: Study

For millions who wished they could prevent Alzheimer`s disease by taking B vitamins, Oxford University researchers have bad news.

Daily fish oil boosts memory function in older adults

A new study suggests that including oily fish like salmon and trout or fish oil supplements in one’s diet can significantly improve memory in older adults.

Healthier lifestyle could prevent Alzheimer`s

Millions could be saved from developing Alzheimer`s by making a few simple changes to their lifestyle, such as exercising more and quitting smoking, a new research suggests.

3D brain view may help treat Alzheimer`s, Parkinson`s

In a breakthrough that may help in developing drugs for Alzheimer`s and other neurological disorders, researchers have developed a 3D view of an important receptor in the brain.

New compound that could halt Alzheimer`s progression identified

Sidney Strickland`s Laboratory of Neurobiology and Genetics at Rockefeller University have identified a compound that might halt the progression of Alzheimer`s by interfering with the role amyloid-beta, a small protein that forms plaques in Alzheimer`s brains, plays in the formation of blood clots.

Novel cure for Alzheimer`s in sight

In a ray of hope for people suffering from the largely incurable Alzheimer`s disease, scientists have stumbled upon an inhibitory neurotransmitter that could be new target for Alzheimer`s drugs.

Depression in elderly associated with Alzheimer`s risk

A new study has revealed that depression builds up beta-amyloid plaque in the brain that could cause Alzheimer`s in aged people.

New study reveals technique to erase and reactivate memory

A new study has revealed the procedure that allows the scientists to erase and then restore memory.

Golden rules to fight Alzheimer`s revealed

Specialists have revealed few simple guidelines that can help prevent deadly dementia.

Antidepressants may slow plaque buildup seen in Alzheimer`s

Scientists reported Wednesday more evidence that a certain antidepressant may cut the development of brain plaque implicated in Alzheimer`s disease, this time by studying young people without dementia.

Gene variant that makes brains resilient against Alzheimer`s discovered

Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have discovered a potential genetic variant in the asymptomatic individuals that may make brains more resilient against Alzheimer`s.

Scientists reverse memory loss in mice with Alzheimer`s

Spanish scientists have for the first time used gene therapy to reverse memory loss in mice with Alzheimer`s, an advance that could lead to new drugs to treat the disease, they said today.

Statins could cut dementia risk by 25 percent

Scientists have revealed that statins drugs can slash the risk of dementia by a quarter.

`Sewing machine` idea gives insight into Alzheimer`s origins

Researchers have developed a new imaging technique inspired by the humble sewing machine which provides fresh insight into the origins of Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s disease.

`Smart` home to detect symptoms of neurodegenerative disease

Researchers have developed a system of sensors which when fitted in a home can monitor changes in a person`s habits and routine to help assess whether they are suffering from a neurodegenerative disease.

Diabetes drug may help reduce Alzheimer`s spread: Study

While conducting an experimental model, researchers found that pramlintide, a diabetic drug, helps in reducing amyloid-beta peptides, a major element of Alzheimer`s disease (AD) in the brain.

New treatment could halt progression of Alzheimer`s disease

Researchers have discovered a way to potentially halt the progression of dementia caused by accumulation of a protein known as tau.