Bluetooth vibrating smart fork aims to coach you back to health

Hapifork, launched earlier this year, helps you maintain perfect timing between your bites so that you can remain healthy without counting steps on.

Facebook rolls out auto-play video feature on mobile site

Facebook has reportedly rolled out the auto-play video feature on its mobile site that lets plays videos automatically with no sound at first.

FIFA launches official iOS, Android apps

With the 2014 World Cup Final Draw only days away, FIFA has launched official apps for both iOS and Android, according to reports.

Intel ready to turn Android into Windows-like OS

Intel is reportedly thinking beyond Microsoft when it comes to a full-fledged `client` operating system, and the best bet today for it is Google`s Android.

Twitter adds new search filters to Android and iOS mobile app

Twitter has reportedly added new search filters for its mobile apps on Android and iOS platform.

`Candy Crush Saga` installed by half billion people

The hugely addictive game ` Candy Crush Saga` has been installed by half a billion people, it has been revealed.

Google shuts down iGoogle service

Google has reportedly shut down its personalized homepage iGoogle service.

Facebook releases updated Messenger for iOS and Android

Facebook has reportedly released a latest version of its Messenger app for iOS and Android which looks more like any other chat app than something specific from the social media giant.

Now carry television in your pocket

Tata Sky, one of the leading direct-to-home service providers in the country, has announced the launch of "Everywhere TV", which will allow subscribers to enjoy their favourite TV channels and movies-on-demand anytime, anywhere.

Snapchat extends `self-destruct` feature to 24 hours

Photo and video sharing app, Snapchat has reportedly extended its time frame of sharing content to 24 hours.

Facebook finally adds edit post feature

Facebook has finally added the much needed `edit posts` feature, which allows users to edit posts after they have posted them.

South Korea clears Google after 2-year Android probe

South Korea`s fair trade commission said 2-year investigation found that Google making its search service default in Android-powered smartphones did not limit competition in online search market.

Google issues patch for security loophole affecting Android

Search engine Google has reportedly issued a patch to mend the security flaw detected by security firm BlueBox which made almost all Android phones vulnerable to hacking.

Snapchat deleted photos` recovery possible

Utah based Decipher Forensics, now however, claims that Snapchat photos are recoverable and do not disappear forever.

We will have screens all around us in future: Matias Duarte

In the future people we will have screens not just in the palm of their hands, but all around them, Matias Duarte, Google`s Director of Android User Experience has predicted.

Now make your own app with ‘Yapp’!

Now a new app named ‘Yapp’ allows iOS and Android users to make their own app.

BSP leader’s diktat: Don`t give mobiles to girls

Stirring a controversy, Bahujan Samaj Party MP Rajpal Saini said that girls should not be given mobile phones.

Half a billion Android devices activated: Google

Google Wednesday announced that 500 million devices running on its Android operating system have been activated so far.

Pinterest unveils apps for Android, iPad

Image-based social networking service Pinterest has extended its mobile service by launching a native iPad app and also made its debut on Android.

Google denies ‘Android hijacked by botnet’ claim

Internet search giant Google has denied claims that many smartphones using its Android operating system have been hacked by an illegal botnet.