Apple unveils new app offering easy one-handed typing on new iPhones
Apple unveils new app offering easy one-handed typing on new iPhones

Apple has introduced a new app called One Handed Keyboard that allows iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users to type with one hand making it easier to handle the bigger screens.

#Bendgate: Does the iPhone 6 Plus bend in pocket?
#Bendgate: Does the iPhone 6 Plus bend in pocket?

Some gizmo freaks who rushed to pocket the new iPhone 6 Plus when it was launched on Friday have been left perplexed after it was rumoured that the coveted gadget 'bends' out of shape if kept in a tight jeans/trouser pocket!

Chinese student 'rents out' girlfriend to pay for iPhone 6, but 'conditions apply'
Chinese student 'rents out' girlfriend to pay for iPhone 6, but 'conditions apply'

Apple fanboys and fangirls in China are willing to go any length to lay their hands on the coveted new iPhone 6.

New iPhone app pays users for taking pictures through smartphone

A new app on Apple iPhones and Android devices can get their users paid for every picture they click through their smartphones.

Apple to issue software update for `apps and charger hack` prone iPhones

Software giant Apple is planning to issue a software update to its iPhones which were found to be ` hack-prone` with certain applications and use of peripherals like chargers.

Security flaw that allows hackers to unlock Apple iPhones revealed

Hackers can easily unlock the screen of Apple iPhone due to a security flaw, a report has said.

Has Apple launched ‘own eBay store’?

Officially refurbished Apple products are now available on eBay, a move that suggests the iPhone maker company has opened its own store on the auction site.

Learn from Google, blur sensitive sites on map: Taiwan tells Apple

Taiwan is asking Apple Inc to blur a map image of its new USD 1.4 billion early warning radar station.

Hacker claims security flaw in Apple iPhone

A hacker revealed a security flaw that he claimed could make Apple`s iPhone particularly vulnerable to text message cheating.

Apple’s new plans for iPhone, Siri, MacBooks leaked

Apple has planned to launch new features for its iPhone, and would introduce its popular voice recognition app Siri in iPad, according to a report.

Apple beat Google smartphones in US

Nokia`s flagship Lumia 800 model failed to break into top 10 smartphones sold in Britain by the end of the fourth quarter.

Soon, app to turn iPhone into personal fitness hub

Apple has won the patent for an application that aims to turn the iPhone into a personal hub.

Apple iPhone most searched on web

Apple`s iPhone edged past major news events, celebrities and pop stars as the top searched term on the Web in 2011, according to Yahoo!

iPhone expels smoke, glows on Australia flight

Apple`s iPhone is the world`s hottest smartphone — and one iPhone in Australia appears to be the hottest of the bunch as it spontaneously began smoking last week.

Angry Birds tops 500 million downloads

Mobile gaming firm Rovio said on Wednesday its hit game Angry Birds had reached a record 500 million downloads in less than two years since its launch.

Apple iPhone 4 makes glitzy debut

Fans stormed Apple Inc`s store in Japan as the company launched a slim new version of iPhone.

New Apple iPhone on tap but may fail to dazzle

Apple Inc`s next-generation iPhone will have to really set new standards in multimedia content.

Apple iPhone to soon get long-sought multitasking

Apple Inc.`s iPhone and iPad devices will soon be able to run more than one program at a time, an ability that phones from Apple`s rivals already offer and that iPhone owners have long sought.