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US Supreme Court rejects Apple e-books conspiracy appeal

US Supreme Court rejects Apple e-books conspiracy appeal

The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear Apple Inc`s challenge to an appellate court decision that it conspired with five publishers to increase e-book prices, meaning it will have to pay $450 million as part of a settlement.

Apple settles e-book antitrust case with US states, others

Apple Inc reached an out-of-court settlement with U.S. states and other complainants in an e-book price-fixing class action lawsuit on Monday, effectively avoiding a trial in which the iPad maker faced more than USD 800 million in claims.

Apple loses bid to remove e-book monitor

A federal judge rejected Apple`s request to block the work of a court-appointed monitor in its e-book price-fixing case Thursday, chiding the company for failing to cooperate with him.

Apple unhappy with e-books monitor pay and power

Apple wants to rein in the pay and power of a monitor hired to watch over the company as punishment for conviction in an e-book price-fixing case.

Penguin vows to scrap Apple e-book deals

EU regulators accepted a pledge by British media group Pearson's Penguin unit to scrap its e-book deals with Apple which set price curbs on Amazon and other retailers, closing an antitrust case against the company.

Apple to fight US govt over e-book price allegations

According to BBC, the allegations claim that the company agreed with publishers back in 2009 to set prices rather than individual retailers to do so.