Cardiovascular risk factors on the rise in Asia: Study

Cardiovascular risk factors like hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes appear to be on the rise in Asia, particularly Japan, says researchers.

Swiss railway posts 'how-to' toilet signs for Asian tourists

 Fed up with having to clean up messes in the public toilets, a Swiss railway company has come up with a series of graphic illustrations for visitors from Asia and the Middle East to instruct them how to sit on a toilet seat.

Three Indian cities in top 15 wellness destinations list in Asia

Three Indian cities- Jaipur, New Delhi and Mumbai, have been featured in the list of top 15 destinations with the best hotels for wellness across Asia in the first quarter of 2015, according to a survey.

In Macedonia, EU-bound migrants cycle to better lives

Fleeing their trouble-torn countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, streams of EU-bound migrants are driving an unexpected trade in a quiet town in Macedonia - bicycles.

Passions run high ahead of Hong Kong debate on China-vetted democracy plan
Passions run high ahead of Hong Kong debate on China-vetted democracy plan

More than a thousand people converged on Hong Kong`s Legislative Council early on Wednesday before lawmakers debate a Beijing-backed electoral reform plan that could trigger fresh protests in the Chinese-controlled city.

Economic growth halves hunger in Asia over 25 years: UN

 Economic growth helped the Asia-Pacific region to halve the proportion of those who have too little to eat to 12 percent of its population over the past 25 years, meeting one of the UN Millennium Development Goals, U.N. officials said on Thursday.

Facebook Lite makes debut in Asia

Facebook on Thursday released a 'Lite' version of its application that was tailored for people using Android smartphones in places where wireless data bandwidth is scarce.

Wanted Thai general turns himself in on human trafficking charges

A three-star Thai general accused of involvement in human trafficking turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday, the most high profile among scores of suspects wanted as part of a police crackdown on the illicit trade. 

2026 World Cup to be held outside Asia: Sepp Blatter
2026 World Cup to be held outside Asia: Sepp Blatter

Newly re-elected FIFA President Sepp Blatter said here on Saturday that the 2026 World Cup will not be held in Asia.

US hits China over sea reclamation, vows more patrols

The United States on Saturday called for an immediate end to China`s intensifying reclamation works in the South China Sea and vowed to continue sending military aircraft and ships to the tense region.

'ASEAN important part of India's Asia-Pacific vision'

ASEAN is an important part of India's vision of an open, inclusive and rules-based security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region where disputes are resolved through dialogue and not unilateral show of force, Minister of State for Defence Rao Inderjit Singh said today.

US hits out at China on sea reclamation at security summit
US hits out at China on sea reclamation at security summit

The United States on Saturday vowed to keep sending military aircraft and ships to disputed parts of the South China Sea and called for an immediate halt to reclamation works by Beijing in the tense region.

India can play major role in Asia: Singapore PM

India can play a major role in Asia if it opens up its economy and encourages foreign investments while actively participating in regional summits, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Friday.

China crushes half a tonne of ivory in symbolic gesture

China destroyed more than six hundred kilograms of ivory in front of media and diplomats Friday, as it seeks to shed its image as a global trading hub for illegal elephant tusks.

Asia's largest 'Cross' being built in Karachi

A 140-foot bullet-proof cross is being erected here in Pakistan's largest and most populous city by a devout Christian who calls it a "symbol of God".

Asia, Europe migrants putting our humanity to the test: Red Cross

Surging numbers of migrants risking their lives on rickety boats both in Southeast Asia and on the way to Europe are a test of the world`s humanity, the Red Cross chief told AFP in an interview.

The century belongs to Asia, says PM Modi at India-China Business forum

PM Narendra Modi while addressing at India-China Business forum in Shanghai says that the century belongs to Asia

US urges Asian nations not 'to push back' migrant boats

The United States on Friday upped the pressure on Southeast Asian nations, urging them not to float boatloads of desperate migrants back out to sea.

El Nino near-certain to last through summer: US climate centre

The El Niño climate phenomenon is almost certain to last through the Northern Hemisphere summer, the U.S. weather forecaster said, raising the chance of heavy rain in the southern United States as well as South America, and scorching heat in Asia that could devastate crops of thirsty food staples like rice.

Close Sino-India ties can usher revolutionary changes: Media

Revolutionary changes could take place in Asia if China and India forge closer ties overcoming mistrust, the Chinese state media said on Thursday as Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his three-day visit to the country.