Swedish tolerance under question as attacks on migrants rise

A series of attacks in Sweden on beggars, many Roma, has highlighted a dark side to a country considered a bastion of tolerance but where the far right has been gaining support by claiming society is under threat from waves of immigrants.

Delhi's graduate beggar – The amount he earns will shock you!

You must have heard about stories of beggars who are richer than you. In a video posted here, you can see how a Delhi University graduate dressed up as a beggar and begged on Delhi streets for two hours.

NHRC notice to MP govt over employment of children for begging

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sent notice to Madhya Pradesh government over reports of employing children for begging on daily wages in Gwalior.

It pays to be a beggar in Andhra Pradesh: Rs 5,000 bonanza for those who stay away from `Pushkaram`
It pays to be a beggar in Andhra Pradesh: Rs 5,000 bonanza for those who stay away from `Pushkaram`

In a unique initiative to keep them away from the crowded ghats where Godavari Pushkaralu is now being held, beggars have been asked by the Andhra Pradesh government to take Rs 5,000.

Punjab: Forced into begging, 5 children rescued

Punjab police on Tuesday claimed to have rescued five children following the arrest of a man who allegedly abducted them and forced them into begging.

Seven children rescued from begging in Indore

Seven children, including five girls, were on Saturday rescued during a drive against beggar from Palasia square here by police and a non-government organisation.

Gujarat: Poverty forces famous musician to beg

A famous musician in Gujarat has been forced to beg due to poverty.

TN govt taking steps to eradicate begging: Minister

Tamil Nadu Government today said it was taking sincere efforts to eradicate begging in the state.

Begging women, children of Burdwan station to be sent back

The Burdwan district administration has taken up a project to send back to their home districts women and children who had come from outside the state to live and beg at Burdwan railway station.

Delhi HC orders fresh trial of two, detained for begging

Two youths, sentenced to one year detention for begging in buses here, have been ordered by the Delhi HC to be tried again.

Court `admonishes` woman for begging, sets her free

A woman, sentenced to a year of detention in a remand home for begging with her one-year-old daughter, has been set free by a court after admonition.

Girl gets poor marks, made to beg by father

In a shocking incident, a 12-year-old girl was forced to beg by her father in Mysore after she scored poorly in her exams.

Old couple found begging, released from detention

Ajmer natives Jethu Ram and Laxmi were found begging from passersby at a traffic signal on Lodhi Road.

`Strit vigil against child labour and begging`

Kerala Home Minister
Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told assembly that police have
been asked to put up strict vigil against child labour
practice and children being used for begging purpose.

Kerala HC directs police to issue instructions to prevent begging

Kerala High Court on Wednesday directed the
state Director General of Police to ensure that immediate
instructions are issued to police to prevent begging.

Meghalaya to make begging a crime

Meghalaya is set to ban begging in public by making it a criminal offence, officials Friday said.

Street begging helps UK professionals beat recession

It literally pays to beg on the
streets in Britain, particularly in these times of salary cuts
as collections can be as much as 200 pounds a night.