Indian scientists' DNA device generates power from touch

Indian scientists' DNA device generates power from touch

Indian researchers have designed a new flexible, biodegradable nano-generator made with DNA that can harvest energy from everyday motion and turn it into electrical power.

Northern Railway plans to convert waste into bio-fuel

Northern Railway is planning to convert solid waste into bio-fuel as a part of Green Initiative.

Oxford becomes first British city to ban non-recyclable food containers

Oxford may be known the world over for its famous university -- but it is not far behind in terms of action to safeguard the environment.

IBM makes biodegradable plastic from plants

IBM researchers on Tuesday said they have discovered a way to make Earth-friendly plastic from plants that could replace petroleum-based products tough on the environment.

Alternative packaging from biodegradable farm waste

Two young American businessmen have developed a green alternative to ubiquitous polystyrene packaging -- made from farm waste and mushrooms -- that uses 10 times less energy to produce, and biodegrades into a natural fertilizer.