Pentagon plans long-range missile defence radar in Alaska

 The US Defense Department on Friday announced plans to deploy a new long-range radar in central Alaska that would help the US missile defence system better discern potential enemy missiles launched by Iran or North Korea and increase the capacity of interceptors in the ground in Alaska and California.

Cleaning California oil spill could take months

It could take months to clean up the estimated 105,000 gallons of crude oil spilled on Tuesday from a pipeline rupture on the Californian coast of Santa Barbara, according to the US Coast Guard.

California oil pipeline ruptures, leaks into ocean
California oil pipeline ruptures, leaks into ocean

An oil pipeline ruptured Tuesday dumping oil into the Pacific Ocean near Santa Barbara, California, the US Coast Guard said.

US daredevil Dean Potter dies in jumping accident

A world-renowned extreme athlete died along with another man during a stunt at the Yosemite National Park in California, US media said Sunday.

Drought face-lift: California paints lawns green

The heat is stifling, the soil dry as a bone, and a new law in drought-stricken California restricts sprinklers.

Aide of Indian-American Kamala Harris arrested

 Three people including an aide of Indian-American Attorney General of California Kamala Harris have been arrested on charges of running a rogue police force.

Boxing fans accuse Manny Pacquiao of concealing injury
Boxing fans accuse Manny Pacquiao of concealing injury

Boxer Manny Pacquiao has been sued in several U.S. courts by people who said they paid to watch him fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the "Fight of Century" but felt defrauded by Pacquiao`s failure to disclose a pre-bout shoulder injury.

Clashes erupt at May Day march in Seattle, police use stun grenades, pepper spray

Clashes broke out at an anti-capitalist May Day march in Seattle on Friday when protesters threw rocks and wrenches at police, who responded by lobbing stun grenades and shooting pepper balls, according to police and media reports.

California Senate condemns 1984 anti-Sikh riot as 'genocide'

The California State Senate has passed a resolution condemning the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as "genocide" and said the then government and law enforcement officials "organised, participated in and failed to intervene to prevent the killings of innocent Sikhs".

US official denies report of Islamic State plot in California

CNN reported on Saturday that the FBI was investigating a possible Islamic State-inspired terrorism plot in California but a U.S. law enforcement official in Los Angeles denied there was any such threat. 

Iran moves ships, reducing tensions near Yemen: Pentagon's Carter

A flotilla of nine Iranian military and cargo ships that US officials feared was carrying arms to strife-torn Yemen sailed northeast in the direction of Iran on Friday, a move the Pentagon said helped to ease US concerns.

No problemo! Schwarzenegger takes first dramatic role in ''Maggie''


New York: Action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals his dramatic, tender side and sheds a few tears as a farmer struggling to care for his dying daughter in "Maggie," an unconventional zombie film. 

California`s Venice Beach seeks topless sunbathing

Venice Beach, a California town known for its laid back style in an already laid back state, wants women on its shores to be able to go topless.

California beach town seeks to allow topless sunbathers

A notoriously bohemian Californian beach resort is seeking to allow topless sunbathing, citing European cultural ties to justify a loosening of sometimes prudish American norms.

California horseback beating victim gets $650,000 payout

US local authorities have agreed to pay $650,000 to a man beaten by police in a violent arrest caught on video following a horseback chase, officials said Tuesday.

US Homeland Security to set up cyber security office in Silicon Valley

The US Department of Homeland Security is in the final stages of planning to set up a satellite office in California`s Silicon Valley, aiming to build relationships with the technology industry and scout for talent there, the department`s secretary said on Tuesday. 

Actor William Shatner proposes pipeline to solve California drought

William Shatner in full Captain Kirk mode is looking to marshal a crew for a project with an astronomical budget to deal with California`s drought problems, although some might call it a pipe dream.

Uber must face lawsuit claiming bias against blind riders

Uber Technologies Inc must defend against a lawsuit accusing the popular ride-sharing service of discriminating against blind people by refusing to transport guide dogs, a federal judge ruled.

Researcher denied flight after tweet poking United security

United Airlines stopped a prominent security researcher from boarding a California-bound flight late on Sunday, following a social media post by the researcher days earlier suggesting the airline's onboard systems could be hacked.

Helio Castroneves captures IndyCar Long Beach pole
Helio Castroneves captures IndyCar Long Beach pole

Brazilian Helio Castroneves will start from pole in Sunday`s IndyCar Grand Prix of Long Beach after a record-setting lap in final qualifying.