Have you tried cycling down the canals of Bath?
Have you tried cycling down the canals of Bath?

Biking by Britain's canals is a good way to explore the countryside and discover some of the best eateries, says Cathryn Pinto.

BJP demands probe in J&K irrigation canal projects

BJP on Tuesday demanded a high-level probe into irrigation canal projects which have failed to provide water to the farm sector inspite of intensive monetary investment by Jammu and Kashmir.

Volcanoes may have triggered `Little Ice Age`

A mysterious cool spell which lasted into the late 19th century and dubbed Little Ice Age appears to have been caused by a series of volcanic eruptions and sustained by sea ice, a new study has suggested.

Narmada project to get Rs 7,000 crore Central funds for canals

The Planning Commission of India has approved Central funding to the tune of Rs 7,000 crore for building canal network in the command area of Narmada project in Gujarat.

First fuel cell boat cruises Amsterdam`s canals

Emitting only water vapour and gliding silently through Amsterdam`s centuries-old canals, a canal boat -- a popular tourist attraction -- powered by fuel cells made its debut cruise on Wednesday.