PM Modi visits world's first carbon-free Masdar City

Before he heads to Dubai for a mega meeting with 50,000 members of the Indian community this evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi toured Masdar in Abu Dhabi, a zero-carbon smart city.


Javadekar urges developed world to stick to old agendas at Paris conference

 Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Sunday called upon the developed world to refrain from introducing any new agenda at the eleventh hour and ensure the success of the upcoming Climate Conference in Paris in December.

Indianised solutions key to fight climate change: Minister
Indianised solutions key to fight climate change: Minister

Ashok Kumar/OneWorld South Asia

Experts representing different part of the world urge for localised solutions to fight the global challenge of climate change.

Paris climate meet must have universal agreement: French envoy

French Ambassador Francois Richier Thursday said the climate change conference in Paris later this year should frame a "universal agreement" of all countries' commitment to reduce rising temperature and that it must address different situations of carbon emission faced by them.

'Poor in India can't pay for 150 years of pollution by West'

India has asked the developed world to bear the "burden of the cross" for pumping carbon dioxide into the air for the past 150 years as a poor man in India cannot be told to pay more for a cleaner planet.

Artificial Photosynthesis can help solve carbon emission problem: Study

 A new research has suggested that there is a possibility that carbon emission problem of the world might be solved by a potentially game-changing breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis.

Prabhu wants Commonwealth countries to take common stand on Paris talks

Union Minister Suresh Prabhu, who has been critical of the idea of India aligning with China on climate change talks, Saturday favoured "mobilisation" of Commonwealth countries, including India, on the issue for a better deal at the Paris meet.

MNCs should help India with technology to cut emission: Debroy

In stead of giving advice, global companies should come forward with their plan of action to help developing nations like India reduce carbon emission and protect environment, newly created NITI Aayog's member Bibek Debroy said on Wednesday.

Upcoming budget to hold roadmap for India's actions on climate change: Javadekar

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar Tuesday hoped that the upcoming Budget will give a clear indication as to how India would "walk the talk" on climate issues while negotiating a deal on emission cuts in Paris later this year.

India, US announce steps to promote clean energy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday dismissed that there was any pressure to ink a pact similar to US-China agreement on emission cuts as India and the US announced important steps to promote clean energy and confront climate change.

INDCs should be exclusively devoted to mitigation: EU

The EU on Tuesday said the intended nationally determined contributions of all nations on climate should be exclusively devoted to mitigation, a stand opposed by India which want more adaptation elements to be included in the INDCs.

Unfair to expect same commitment from all nations on climate, says UN chief
Unfair to expect same commitment from all nations on climate, says UN chief

Following ambitious pledges by US and China to reduce emissions, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said it is "not fair" for all countries to make the same level of contributions, given their different phases of development and needs, a stand similar to that of India.

Natural gas expansion not enough to slow climate change
Natural gas expansion not enough to slow climate change

In a new study, scientists have found that natural gas alone was not enough to slow the growth of global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Cement which reduces CO2 emission developed

The researchers of Switzerland, India and Cuba have come together to develop limestone calcined clay cement (LC3) which will help reduce carbon dioxide emission (CO2) by almost 30 percent.

Study urges 15-year plan for low-carbon growth

The world can save both financial and environmental costs by shifting toward a low-carbon economy over the next 15 years, a high-level panel said today ahead of a UN summit.

NASA to launch satellite to track carbon pollution

The US space agency is to launch on Tuesday a satellite that tracks atmospheric carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

`Barack Obama`s carbon emission policy to benefit India`

The new ambitious carbon emission standards announced by the Obama administration can usher in a great India-US cooperation on low-carbon growth strategies, a top Indian industrialist has said.

World Environment Day: What you should know about carbon emission!
World Environment Day: What you should know about carbon emission!

As the name suggests, it is manly the amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the atmosphere including many gases that negatively influence the quality of the air subsequently increasing the greenhouse effect.

US to cut carbon emission from power plants by 30 %

The US will cut carbon emission from existing power plants, the single largest source of carbon pollution in the world`s largest economy, by 30 % by 2030, an ambitious target that marks the first-ever attempt at limiting such pollution.

Obama to unveil new carbon emission limits

US President Barack Obama is poised to unveil sweeping new limits on carbon emissions in the fight against climate change.