US wants to make cars talk to each other

The Obama administration said on Tuesday it is taking a first step toward requiring that future cars and light trucks be equipped with technology that enables them to warn each other of potential danger in time to avoid collisions.

 `Russia may ban import of cars if West applies new sanctions`

Following Russia`s stand off over Ukraine, Western nations imposed sanctions on Moscow including on its financial and energy sectors, and put dozens of Russians close to President Vladimir Putin on a sanctions list.

 Future cars may be powered by waste CO2!

Scientists have synthesized a new catalyst that can convert waste carbon dioxide into fuel and other energy-rich products, which is a big step toward industrialization.

 SC complex `choking` with vehicles, Centre directed to find solution

Parking woes have hit the Supreme Court which today asked the Centre to find a solution to the problem, saying its premises were "choked" with heavy traffic.

 The Transformer

Zooming ahead at a steady speed, automobile designing is a niche field for those with passionate and innovative ideas.

 Morphable surfaces can increase fuel efficiency in cars

Adding golf ball-like dimples to surfaces of vehicles could reduce drag and improve their efficiency, suggests new research.

 Now, Elon Musk wants to build cars that can fly and swim

Founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk knows no bounds for the tech billionaire now wants to build a car that can fly.

 Soon, electric wires to charge your cars, phones

So far, electric cables have been used only to transmit electricity. But soon, you will be able to power your mp3 player, smartphone and electric car from cables that can store energy.

 Coming soon, nimbler robots that can zip past obstacles at 35mph

One of the reasons why self-driving cars and mini-helicopters are not delivering online purchases is that autonomous vehicles tend not to perform well under pressure.

 Soon, jet-propelled flying car that could reach speeds over 550 mph in air

Two people from California are working on a flying jet-propelled car, which is a sleek cross between a business jet with a luxury automobile.