Chimps prefer African, Indian tunes over strong beats of Western music

Researchers have claimed that chimpanzees prefer listening to the different rhythms of music from Africa and India over strong beats of Western music.

Young apes manage emotions like humans: Study

US researchers studying young bonobos in an African sanctuary have found striking similarities between the emotional development of the bonobos and that of children.

We owe our swimming style to apes!

We owe our swimming style to our evolutionary past, as just like apes we have a tendency to swim using a form of breaststroke, a new study has revealed.

US to reduce chimpanzees` use in research

The US government has said it will substantially reduce the use of chimpanzees in biomedical research and send into retirement most of the 360 chimpanzees it currently owns or supports.

Pictures clicked by chimp to fetch 70,000 pounds

A collection of blurry photos taken by a chimp, touted as his "take on the world", is expected to fetch up to a whopping 70,000 pounds at an auction in London.

Dominant male chimps more likely to father offspring

Male chimps are quite choosy about forming coalitions when it comes to siring offspring, with dominant individuals more likely to become fathers and rise in rank.

Why humans are more susceptible to cancer

Georgia Tech’s Soojin Yi found that differences in certain DNA modifications, called methylation, might contribute to phenotypic changes.

Chimps too nurture `social traditions`

Research on chimps never ceases to surprise us -- the latest one, for instance, says that they are not only capable of learning from one another but also use this social information to create and nurture local traditions.

Chimps communicate using `human-like gestures`

A Stirling University researcher has found that wild chimpanzees use gestures similar to humans to communicate with each other.

Chimpanzees use innovative ways to fool humans

A case study showed how humans’ closest relatives in the animal kingdom appear to be able to plan to deceive others, and that they can also plan their deception inventively.

Republican apologises for offensive Obama email

A Californian Republican party
official has apologised for sending an email that depicts US Prez Barack Obama as a young chimpanzee.

Chimps happy to help – but only when said please to!

Looking for help from a chimp? Don’t forget to use the word ‘please’ in the request.