Extreme El Nino weather stunted growth of Peruvian children

Children in Peru on the front line of a severe cyclical warming of the Pacific Ocean in 1997-98 suffered stunted growth, showing how extreme weather can cause lasting damage to health, a study said on Tuesday.

SAARC to have "meaningful engagements" with 9 observer states

Amid China's push to elevate its role in SAARC from an observer to that of an active member, the eight countries regional cooperation body on Monday decided to have "meaningful engagements" with all nine observer states.

Become breeding ground for tech advancements: Prez to varsities

Calling for greater engagement between academia and industries, President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday asked universities to become breeding ground for technological advancements and said success of initiatives like 'Make in India' hinges on manufacturing quality products.

Northeast's traditional environmental knowledge important: Expert

The traditional environmental knowledge from India's northeast and northern regions, particularly the Himalayas, integrated with modern science is important for battling climate change, suggested Nobel laureate Betsy Weatherhead here Thursday.

World not close to avoiding dangerous warming: UN

he world still isn't close to preventing what leaders call a dangerous level of man-made warming, a new United Nations report says. That's despite some nations' recent pledges to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions.

China unveils stiff targets to cut down emissions by 2020
China unveils stiff targets to cut down emissions by 2020

China, world's top emitter of greenhouse gases, Wednesday unveiled a new strategy to limit energy consumption, setting ambitious targets to curb the country's dependence on coal, days after it clinched a surprise climate deal with the US.

Science Express to be in Thrissur and Kollam

An innovative exhibition on wheels-- Science express Biodiversity special train, which will showcase the exceptional biodiversity of India, will be in Thrissur from November 24-26.

Climate change didn't cause Europe's Bronze Age population collapse

A team of scientists has refuted the theory of climate change being the cause behind the huge population collapse in Europe at the end of the Bronze Age.

China asks developing countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Promising to set ambitious goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions following a landmark agreement with the US, China has asked other developing countries to follow suit.

Japan confirms $1.5 billion for UN fund on climate change

 Japan confirmed Sunday plans to give up to $1.5 billion to the UN-backed Green Climate Fund, joining a US pledge of $3 billion to mitigate the impact of global warming on poor nations.

India should take lead on climate change: UK official

In the wake of the ground-breaking deal on reducing emissions signed earlier this week between the US and China, a top UK official today said that her country wants to "see India there in the lead, showing direction" on climate change issues.

Reconstituted climate panel reviews progress by national missions
Reconstituted climate panel reviews progress by national missions

Ahead of next month's UN climate conference in Lima, the reconstituted Executive Committee on Climate Change Friday reviewed the progress made by the eight national missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC).

C20 asks G20 leaders to fight climate change, unemployment

The Civil Society, known as the C20 for the duration of the G20 summit, has highlighted climate change and the "scourge" of youth unemployment as two of the biggest issues.

New Zealand 'off track' on controlling carbon emissions

New Zealand is struggling to control its carbon emissions and move to a low-carbon future, the government said Wednesday.

US-China climate deal: CSE seeks to blame Ramesh

Lambasting the US-China climate deal, an advocacy group Wednesday said the two biggest polluters signing such a pact was the result of a "disastrous formula" agreed by India in two key UN climate conferences when Jairam Ramesh was the Environment Minister.

Fish to disappear from tropics by 2050 due to climate change
Fish to disappear from tropics by 2050 due to climate change

Large numbers of fish will disappear from the tropics by 2050 as temperatures rise, according to a new study that examined the impact of climate change on fish stocks.

US, China announce 'historic' climate change goals
US, China announce 'historic' climate change goals

Top greenhouse gas emitters China and the US today announced a "historic" pact that could cut their emissions by close to a third over the next two decades, as President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Barack Obama held talks to push forward new type of major-country ties.

Groundwater warming up due to climate change

 Groundwater has not escaped global warming, says a study, suggesting that the warming stages observed in the atmosphere are replicated down below as well.

Near East history repeats itself after 2,700 years

Over population and drought led to the sudden collapse of the 7th century BC Assyrian Empire, says a study that draws a parallel between the collapse of the ancient superpower in the Near East and what is happening in the same area today.

Global warming worsening watery dead zones: Study

A new study says global warming is likely playing a bigger role than previously thought in dead zones in waterways around the world and it's only going to get worse.