Style tips: Manage your wardrobe for different moods, times
Style tips: Manage your wardrobe for different moods, times

It's good to experiment with your style -- whether you're heading to college, to office or to a party!

Revealed: Why women always freeze in offices!

Researchers have finally explained why women often freeze at work whereas their male counterparts don't.

So what if it's monsoon? Dress fashionably!
So what if it's monsoon? Dress fashionably!

The monsoons are drenching the city with mucky roads, dirty feet and frizzy hair, leaving people in a dilemma about what to wear. From opting for light fabrics and cropped pants to going for waterproof make-up, experts suggest few quick solutions that will save you from dampening your style in the rain.

Israeli high school girls fight for right to be cool

Israeli high school girls have taken to social media to protest against rules that let boys wear shorts in the sweltering summer heat but bar girls from doing the same.

Levi's and Google team up to create 'touch-sensitive' clothes
Levi's and Google team up to create 'touch-sensitive' clothes

Renowned American clothing chain Levi's has joined hands with Google to bring you their touch-sensitive fabric inside your jeans.

Reese Witherspoon's clothing line sells out
Reese Witherspoon's clothing line sells out

 Actress Reese Witherspoon, who launched her clothing line Draper James online on Wednesday, has already seen key products from the collection fly off the shelves.

Robotic clothing to help disabled get on with life

 In good news for the physically challenged and elderly, scientists have conceived the idea of robotic clothing that would help them enjoy greater physical movement.

World's most expensive socks come with a 495 pound price tag

Premium knitwear brand Falke has launched a luxury pair of socks for a whopping price tag of 495 pounds per pair.

Beware! Anti-odour clothes may leave you smelly

Planning to buy an anti-odour shirt to stay fresh all day long? Think again as new research shows that anti-odour clothing may not be living up to its promise.

My children know they are lucky: Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore`s children may be privileged to be growing up in a famous household, but they do not take it for granted.

Summer cool collection by designer duo Kapil & Mmonika

If you are confused what to pick for this Summer season, just have a look at the Summer cool collection by designer duo Kapil & Mmonika.

Courtney Love likes Victoria Beckham`s designs

Rocker Courtney Love has revealed that she is fond of Victoria Beckham`s beautifully cut dresses.

Now, NaMo wave blows in fashion world

Narendra Modi is man of the moment. If his agenda and vision led to the Bharatiya Janata Party`s triumph at the hustings, his influence is looming large over the nation`s fashion scene too and yielding rich dividends for designers.

Mother`s Day makeover tips

Take a break from the routine and get pampered.

Soon, technology to print mobile phones on t-shirts

Researchers have come with a new version of `spaser` technology that can make mobile phones so flexible that they can actually be printed on your t-shirt.

Freida Pinto is the new face of Free People campaign

Freida Pinto has been made the new face of the clothing company Free People.

Rachel Zoe cancels fashion show

Stylist Rachel Zoe has cancelled her New York Fashion Week show.

Alicia Keys loves `super cool` effect of her jacket

Singer Alicia Keys is completely enamoured by her leather motorcycle jacket and says that she cannot live without it.

Georgia May Jagger borrows mother`s clothes

Model Georgia May Jagger loves borrowing things to wear from her mother Jerry Hall`s designer wardrobe.

Tyra Banks feels unhappy with models` ways

Supermodel Tyra Banks, who mentors models in her show "America`s Next Top Model" is upset with how some of them relentlessly try to lose weight to fetch plum assignments, post the show.