EU to help Croatia fight cybercrime

The European Union (EU) will finance Croatia 700,000 euros ($904,715) for training police to fight against cybercrime, Croatia's interior ministry said Wednesday.

Croatia fighter jet crashes, pilot ejects

A Croatian military MiG-21 fighter jet crashed Tuesday in a field near the capital Zagreb, but the pilot managed to eject before impact, the defence ministry said.

FIFA World Cup 2014 generates record social media traffic

The Football world cup mania is finally here with fans all over the world going gaga after the mega event finally kicked off in style. How can social media be left behind? Twitter, Facebook and Google have all painted themselves in World Cup colours to be part of the biggest sports extravaganza.

World Cup 2014: Google features another interactive doodle on Day 2

To celebrate the world`s biggest sporting extravaganza, Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014, Internet giant Google came up with an interactive doodle on the second day too of the grand event.

Record Balkan floods lead to Bosnia landslides

Landslides triggered by unprecedented rains in Bosnia have left hundreds of people homeless, officials said today, while thousands more have fled their homes in neighbouring Croatia and Serbia as Balkan countries battle the region`s worst flooding since modern records began.

Croatia Church finds priest guilty of sexually abusing minors

The Croatian Catholic Church has found one of its priests guilty of sexually abusing minors, the first such ruling in the staunchly Catholic nation.

Serbia to start `historic` EU entry talks in January

Serbia has won the European Union`s long-sought blessing to kick off talks on joining the bloc in January, in recognition of its efforts in normalising ties with Kosovo.

Croatia`s government proposes law on "gay partnership"

Croatia`s government on Thursday presented a draft law on registered gay partnership that will give homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual couples, apart from child adoption.

Chain reaction crash kills 3 in Croatia

Police in Croatia say three people have died and 16 were injured in a chain reaction crash involving more than 20 vehicles.

Croatian climber`s body found 39 years after death

The Georgian government said Saturday that its mountain rescuers have found the body of Croatian climber Nenad Chulich, 39 years after he went missing in an avalanche on the Georgian Caucasus Mountain Ushba.

Five good reasons to visit Croatia

On July 1, Croatia officially became the 28th member of the European Union.

Crowds celebrate as Croatia becomes 28th EU member

Fireworks lit the sky and festive crowds gathered on the streets to mark Croatia`s entry into the European Union, a major milestone some 20 years after the country won independence in a bloody civil war that shook the continent.

Croatia trains honeybees to detect land mines

In a bid to eliminate the scourge of landmines, Croatian scientists are training honeybees to sniff out unexploded mines.

Honeybees trained in Croatia to find land mines

Mirjana Filipovic is still haunted by the land mine blast that killed her boyfriend and blew off her left leg while on a fishing trip nearly a decade ago. It happened in a field that was supposedly de-mined.

Croatia elects Europe parliament MPs

Croatia on Sunday elects its first members to the European Parliament ahead of officially joining the European Union on July 1, with expected low turnout reflecting only tepid enthusiasm for membership in the bloc.

Croatia recognises Syrian opposition coalition

Croatia has recognised the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the only legitimate representative of the people.

Croats say `yes` to EU membership

Croatia`s state referendum commission says a majority of Croats have voted in favor of joining the debt-stricken European Union.

Chile: Generals guilty, trafficked arms to Croatia

Chile sent 36 crates of weapons and ammunition to Budapest on a private plane in 1992.

`Japan to replace Croatia envoy over scandal`

Japan will replace its ambassador to
Croatia by the end of the year after he became embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal,

Yugoslavia`s last PM dies aged 87

Ante Markovic became Yugoslavia`s prime minister in March 1989.