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Obama ranks N.Korea cyber capabilities as not so good

Iran is "good," China and Russia are "very good," but North Korea`s cyberattack capabilities are actually not that great, according to an impromptu ranking by US President Barack Obama.

Obama turns focus to Internet security, privacy

President Barack Obama will highlight plans next week to protect American consumers and businesses from cyber threats, a month after the most high-profile hacking attack on a US company.

FBI director confident North Korea was behind cyberattack

There is strong evidence that North Korea was behind the cyberattack on Sony and that the leadership there will orchestrate further strikes against American targets, top US officials said on Wednesday.

Sony streams North Korea comedy 'The Interview' online
Sony streams North Korea comedy 'The Interview' online

Entertainment giant Sony released "The Interview" -- a movie that outraged North Korea by lampooning dictator Kim Jong-Un -- online for US viewers on Wednesday.

'Hurt' by US' propaganda against Kim Jong-un, North Korea threatens to 'blow up' White House
'Hurt' by US' propaganda against Kim Jong-un, North Korea threatens to 'blow up' White House

North Korea has accused the US of conniving with the makers of the controversial film "The Interview" to "hurt the dignity" of the country`s supreme leadership and threatened to "blow up" the White House.

Japan condemns Sony cyberattack, sees no impact on its North Korea talks

Japan strongly condemns a cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that the United States has blamed on North Korea, and is maintaining close contact with Washington on the matter, a Japanese foreign ministry spokeswoman said.

Seth Rogen defends satirizing North Korean leader in 'The Interview'

Actor-director Seth Rogen defended the choice to parody North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in raunchy comedy "The Interview," the movie that sparked a real-life threat from the country and is suspected as the possible cause of a damaging cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Sony meeting after hackers vow 'Christmas gift'

Sony Pictures organized a town hall-style meeting with staff Monday to discuss the massive cyber attack on the Hollywood studio, a day after hackers promised a big "Christmas gift."

North Korea denies it was behind Sony Pictures cyber attack

 North Korea Sunday denied hacking into Sony Pictures, which is due to release a comedy film about a plot to assassinate the country's supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

Motion picture giant struck by cyber attack
Motion picture giant struck by cyber attack

Sony Pictures Entertainment, the motion pictures giant, has been struck by a large scale cyber attack.

One in six smartphone users victim of cyber attack: Study
One in six smartphone users victim of cyber attack: Study

One in six smartphone users in the world have fallen prey to a cyber attack, reveals a new study, adding that 60 percent of smartphone users and almost half of tablet users are vulnerable to hacking as these devices have no protection against malicious software.

Mohanlal's website hacked, Pak supporters behind cyber attack
Mohanlal's website hacked, Pak supporters behind cyber attack

South superstar Mohanlal recently found himself in the middle of a controversy, when his personal blog named 'The Complete Actor' showed content supporting Pakistan on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. Much to the shock of his fans and followers, Mohanlal's official website had messages which blatantly targeted the Indian government.

Govt departments, ISPs alerted about cyber attack on August 15

Cyber security division NCIIPC has alerted government departments and leading internet service providers about a possible cyber attack on the Independence Day and has suggested a series of measures to prevent these attacks.

Windows OS loophole resurfaces, says IT security co Kaspersky

IT security firm Kaspersky Cyber security firm Kaspersky Wednesday claimed it has detected an old, widely known vulnerability that was used in a cyber attack to sabotage
Iran`s nuclear programme in some versions of Windows platform across 19 million computers, including in India.

Internet privacy service Tor warns users it was attacked

Tor, the prominent system for protecting Internet privacy, said on Wednesday many of its users trying to reach hidden sites might have been identified by government-funded researchers.

Month-long awareness campaign against cyber crime launched

The police jointly with Tata Motors Wednesday launched a month-long awareness campaign against cyber crime in the steel city from where at least 15 cyber related crimes were being reported every month.

European bank faces cyber theft worth 500,000 Euros: Report

Kaspersky Lab has reportedly detected a server used to co-ordinate an attack that appeared to have stolen over 500,000 Euros in a single week, from a European bank.

eBay faces backlash on delays in handling cyber attack

Online marketplace eBay is facing backlash over its handling of a hack attack that exposed millions of passwords and other data.

Ukrainian hackers claim responsibility for cyber attack on NATO website

Pro-Russian Ukrainian hackers have reportedly claimed responsibility for exploiting several NATO web sites.

NATO websites hit in cyber attack linked to Crimea tension

Hackers brought down several public NATO websites, the alliance said on Sunday, in what appeared to be the latest escalation in cyberspace over growing tensions over Crimea.