`Non-revision of rentals of cold storage leading to default`

There are reports of closure of 14 potato cold storages in West Bengal after defaults in loan repayments due to non-revision of rentals in the last three years, an industry official said here Sunday.

80% of power plants at risk of default

Warning that 80 per cent of the country`s power plants face the risk of a default due to coal shortages and environmental issues.

Greek PM faces confidence vote, eye on 12 bn euro

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou faces a confidence vote, a hurdle he must clear to secure a 12 billion euro ($17.2 billion) lifeline and avert the euro zone`s first sovereign debt default.

Greece will not default or seek IMF aid: PM

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on Friday promised that his government would honor its debts and ruled out appealing to the IMF for help as he prepared emergency measures to save the crisis-hit Greek economy.

`Greece may be first nation to default in EU`

Former Bank of England policy maker Willem Buiter said Greece may be the first major country in the European Union to default on its debts since the aftermath of World War II.

Rs 24.10 cr EPF money in default in two state-owned firms

An amount of 24.10 crore of
Employees Provident Fund has been under default in two
state-owned firms, the Government said on Monday.

All credit cards to be blocked if default on one

Customers will now not be allowed to use any of their credit cards if they default on even one.