Angry protesters block Acapulco airport in Mexico

Protesters angry at the alleged massacre of 43 missing Mexican students blocked access to Acapulco`s airport on Monday in the latest demonstration over a case that has repulsed the nation.

Demonstrators want impeachment of Brazil President Dilma Rousseff

Sao Paulo: Police in Brazil's biggest city say more than 2,000 people staged a peaceful demonstration demanding the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

Tibetan students hold peaceful demonstration

Tibetan students held peaceful demonstrations in the US Capital amidst calls from lawmakers and rights bodies urging the Obama Administration to raise the issue of human rights violations in Tibet.

Pregnant woman dies in hospital, family demands inquiry in J&K

Demanding an inquiry against doctors in connection with the death of a pregnant woman, family members of the deceased held a protest demonstration and blocked the main road in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday.

Artillery demonstration held in Nashik

Indian Army Wednesday held a spectacular demonstration of its fire power with 155 mm Howitzers blazing and multi-role helicopters displaying their might.

Demonstration in Delhi on June18 for Ganga

A group of activists announced that they would hold a demonstration in Jantar Mantar in Delhi on June 18 to demand cleaning up of Ganga river.

Reservation: Dalits stage demonstration in capital

Dalit activists on Monday staged a demonstration here demanding reservation for the community in promotions.

BJP demo in Assam to `expose` Gogoi govt

The BJP demonstrated across Assam to `expose` the Tarun Gogoi-led Cong
govt for `failing` to safeguard people`s interests.

Jordan arrests policemen after journalists beaten

Four policemen suspected of attacking journalists at a demonstration in the Jordanian capital were arrested.

Anti-China demo in Vietnam despite clampdown

Both countries had vowed to rein in public opinion over tensions in the South China Sea.

Thousands demonstrate in Morocco`s largest city

About 6,000 Moroccans called for greater democracy and an end to corruption.

Protests break calm in China`s Inner Mongolia area

Authorities are also fearful of another major
outburst of ethnic turmoil.

Syrians hold demonstration as media banned from key city

Thousands of Syrians took to the streets demanding reforms and mourning dozens of protesters.

Saudi Arabia not to allow any demonstration on her soil

As mass uprisings erupts in its neighbourhood, Saudi Arabia announced that it will not allow any demonstrations in the kingdom.

Saudi women protesters arrested after demonstration ban

The ban comes ahead of a Facebook group call for "Day of Rage" on March 11.

‘Six women shot dead in Ivory Coast demo’

Security forces loyal to Ivory Coast
strongman Laurent Gbagbo shot dead at least six women at a
demonstration today in support of his rival for the
presidency, witnesses said.

Thousands of Bahrainis march against regime

Thousands of demonstrators marched to demand the Sunni regime stand down.

Huge police presence blocks large demos in Tehran

Tehran was the epicentre of deadly anti-government protests in 2009.

Hundreds demonstrate for secular Tunisia

Tunisians demonstrated for secular state following murder of a Polish priest.

Demonstrators block bridge in south Iraqi city

The protesters in Basra call for the provincial governor to resign.