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Modi urges people to maintain cleanliness to avoid dengue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged people to maintain cleanliness to avoid the spread of dengue.

Italian marine facing murder charges down with dengue

Salvatore Girone, one of the two Italian marines facing murder charges, is down with dengue here after which the Italian defence ministry dispatched two military doctors to India.

'Climate change will lead to rise in malaria, dengue cases'

 Rising temperatures due to climate change will increase the spread of deadly vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue especially in the Himalayan region, experts said here on Friday while emphasising there was an urgent need to "strengthen" the country's health infrastructure.

How papaya, fenugreek leaves can control dengue

Giloy is helpful in building the immune system and papaya leaves cure dengue fever.

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President's Estate breeding mosquitoes - gets 76 notices

The sprawling President's Estate has been found to be breeding mosquitoes at many accumulated pools of stagnant water -- with 76 notices slapped on Rashtrapati Bhavan by civic agency NDMC.

80 notices issued to Rashtrapati Bhavan for mosquito breeding

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has issued 80 notices this month to the Rashtrapati Bhavan after dengue mosquitoes were found breeding at various places at the sprawling estate.

Dengue scare: Total 530 cases; 477 in Aug only

 At least 530 cases of dengue have been reported this year till the third week of August, the highest number for the period in the last five years, according to a municipal report released on Monday.

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Beware, dengue can affect your vision!

Dengue fever is a dangerous and debilitating disease caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. But, what's even scarier is that the mosquito-borne disease can affect vision and in rare cases, cause blindness.

Dengue: Authorities to inspect four hospitals including AIIMS

 With dengue mosquitoes found breeding on the premises of various hospitals here, a team of authorities will inspect the four central government hospitals including AIIMS tomorrow to assess the situation and take remedial measures to check spread of the disease.

Dengue cases on rise in Gurgaon, one dead

The number of patients suffering from dengue fever is on the rise here, with one person having already succumbed to the viral disease.

Delhi's civic agencies asked to spread awareness on dengue

Multimedia campaigns, involving resident welfare associations and ensuring adequate stock of dengue test kits in government hospitals are some of the steps that the union health ministry will carry out to keep the vector-borne disease under control this season.

Dengue hits Delhi: Useful tips to prevent vector-borne disease

As there is no specific medicine to treat dengue, the best way to keep the disease away is to prevent bites by infected mosquitoes.

Dengue action: JNU, DTC, DDA challaned for mosquito-breeding

Over 80 challans have been issued to government and educational institutions in the city, including JNU, DDA, DTC and PWD, for breeding of mosquitoes in their premises.

Second dengue death in Delhi; nearly 280 total cases

The city today reported its second dengue victim in the death of a 37-year-old woman even as the total number of cases from the vector-borne disease shot to an alarming 277, with over 220 of them being reported in the first two weeks of August only.

Viral fever toll rises to 550 in UP, officials claim no death

As many as 250 new patients suffering from viral fever have been admitted to various medical centres in Bhanwar village of Ghatampur tehsil taking the toll to 550, even as authorities refuted any deaths due to the fever.

37 dengue cases in Ahmedabad this month; HC judge latest victim

37 cases of dengue have been recorded in Ahmedabad in the first week of August even as a sitting judge of the Gujarat High Court has also been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne disease, health officials said.

Brazil to release its own dengue vaccine

 Brazil has said the vaccine against dengue developed in the country will be available by 2018 when all tests are completed.