Eat barley to beat diabetes risk

Approximately 11-14 hours after their final meal of the day participants were examined for risk indicators of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Useful tips to prevent lifestyle diseases!

Following certain guidelines can help prevent or cut down your risk of getting lifestyle diseases.

Psychiatric disorders genetically linked to diabetes

A team of scientists has discovered a molecular link between psychiatric disorders and type 2 diabetes.

Every hour of sitting may up diabetes risk: Study

 Every extra hour a day spent sitting could increase the risk of developing diabetes by about a fifth, new study has warned.

Did you know? Taller people have greater risk of cancer!

The study shows that the taller a person is the lower their risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, but their risk of cancer increases.

Healthy lifestyle may trim heart risks in diabetics

In some cases, it also enables patients to reduce medication.


Obesity, diabetes up autism risk in kids

 Women of reproductive age who are thinking of having children should stay fit. A recent study warns that children born to obese women with diabetes are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Top five health benefits of guava!

 Guava contains rich amount of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin C and lycopene which are necessary for maintaing overall health.

Passive smoking can make kids obese

Passive smoking increases obesity in children and amplifies the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, researchers have found.

Sleepless nights put women at diabetes risk

Ladies, you may want to start getting a good night's sleep as a new study suggests that the worse you sleep, the higher is your type 2 diabetes risk.

Encapsulated pancreatic cells offer new diabetes treatment

The findings of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston Children's Hospital and several other institutions offer a way to fulfill the promise of pancreatic islet cell transplantation.

Sleep more on weekends to reduce diabetes risk!

The new study shows that young people who are sleep deprived returned to normal after two nights of extended sleep

Diabetes surging across rural and urban India

With one in every twelve person suffering from the menace of diabetes, the disease has now become a pan-India phenomenon with the rural and urban population fighting the bug alike.

Obesity linked with colorectal cancer risk: Study

A new study has revealed the link between obesity and colorectal cancer.

Are you obese? Cut down on siting time to reduce heart disease risk

Sedentary behaviour is associated with poor cardiovascular health and diabetes in adults with severe obesity, independent of how much exercise they perform.

Pre-pregnancy potato consumption may boost diabetes risk: Study

Eating lots of potatoes -- especially chips or crisps -- is linked to a higher risk for women of developing a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy, a study said Wednesday.

Smartphones to turn into pancreas, treat Type 1 diabetes

The system works with a readily available pen drive-sized blood-glucose sensor that can be worn in a variety of places on the body, such as an arm, leg, or the abdomen.

Will sugar tax policy as in Mexico help curb diabetes in India?

Will sugar tax policy as in Mexico help curb diabetes in India?

Citing Mexico, the IMA said that the South American nation saw a drastic reduction in sugar consumption after it introduced tax on sugary drinks in 2014. 

Overweight young adults can reduce diabetes risk if they lose weight early enough: Study

New research has found that the risk of diabetes associated with obesity can be reversed if obese young people make efforts to lose weight before middle-age.

Anti-body targeting fat-tissue hormone may treat diabetes

Researchers have found a potential new treatment for diabetes in an anti-body that they developed to target a hormone in adipose or fat tissue.