Faster the heart pulse, higher the future risk of diabetes

A new study linking heart rate and diabetes has suggested that a person's risk of diabetes can be determined by evaluating the heart rate.

Diabetes screening in India futile: Indian American scientist

Widespread diabetes screening in India is ineffective and glucometer-based screening tools are unlikely to meet effectiveness criteria, Indian American scientist Sanjay Basu from Stanford University and his team has found.

Scientists trying to find cure for depression in diabetics

Scientists are trying to examine the possible treatment for depression in diabetes patients via a series of researches.

Tackling obesity worldwide

While there are many possible approaches to tackling obesity and its consequences in the population, it is clear that there is no single magic bullet.

Artificial pancreas vulnerable to cyber security risk
Artificial pancreas vulnerable to cyber security risk

An artificial pancreas that automatically controls insulin infusion is at a greater risk of cyber security threat that may put users in trouble, researchers warn.

Diabetes drug may curb heart attack risk in HIV patients

In patients infected by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a diabetes drug may have benefits which go beyond lowering blood sugar.

Have 4 eggs a week to slash risk of diabetes

Including 4 eggs to your diet per week could help reduce risk of developing diabetes, finds a new study.

Higher levels of testosterone linked to diabetes risk

Higher levels of the hormone testosterone, specifically an unnatural overabundance, is linked to increased diabetes risk and prostate enlargement, a new study says.

Statins strongly linked to increased diabetes risk

In a database study of nearly 26,000 beneficiaries of Tricare, the military health system, cholesterol-lowering drugs statins have been found to increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Diet or exercise, what cuts diabetes risk?

Though people often think of the benefits from exercise, calorie restriction and weight loss as interchangeable, they may all actually offer distinct and cumulative benefits when it comes to managing Type-2 diabetes risk, says new research.

A glass of red wine a night may prove good for diabetics' hearts

Good news for wine loving diabetics! A new study has claimed that having a glass of red wine every night could be beneficial for diabetes in managing their cholesterol and protecting their hearts.

New smartphone app to help people cut diabetes risk

A new smartphone app aims to tackle type 2 diabetes by allowing users to track their exercise and eating habits to curb the risk of developing the disease.

Brain ages faster in people with Type-1 diabetes

Type-1 diabetes may accelerate brain ageing, resulting in slower information processing even at at an younger age, says a new research.

Little extra fat good for diabetics

Being a bit on the heavier side may not be that bad for diabetics as researchers have found that patients with Type-2 diabetes who are overweight but not obese live longer than those who are underweight or normal-weight.

Diabetes may lead to Alzheimer's disease

A new research has shed light on the link between diabetes and Alzheimer's and has uncovered a unique connection between the two.

Avoid one sugary drink a day to cut diabetes risk

Replacing one serving of a sugary drink daily with either water or unsweetened tea or coffee can lower the risk of developing diabetes by up to 25 percent, says a research.

Swap one daily sugary drink for water to cut type 2 diabetes risks

If you want to stay away from type 2 diabetes, choose water instead of sugary drink everyday, as per a new study.

Protein-rich breakfast helps control sugar in diabetics

If you are suffering from Type-2 diabetes, having a breakfast rich in protein -- 25 to 30 grams -- can reduce glucose spikes at both breakfast and lunch, a new research has found.

Weight management therapies as beneficial as gastric band surgery for diabetics

A new research has found that gastric band surgery and weight management therapies offer similar benefits.

Obesity in pregnancy puts child at diabetes risk: Study

Women who are obese while pregnant may put their offspring at risk of childhood diabetes, a condition that requires lifelong insulin therapy, Swedish researchers said Tuesday.