Diabetes drug may help obese people lose fat

 A drug originally meant for diabetics may help obese individuals without diabetes shed weight and also keep it off, suggests a research.

Diabetic? Here's how to travel safe

 Planning for a vacation? Try including diabetes needs in travel plans to be safe than sorry.

Implantable artificial pancreas to replace jabs for diabetics

An implantable artificial pancreas for diabetics has been developed that continuously measures a person's glucose level and can automatically release insulin as needed.

Your diabetes med could help you shed kilos

Diabetic and want to lose weight? Now you can do both with help of a single medicine, as a new study has shown that Liraglutide, an injectable diabetes drug, helps people shed kilos.

Smartphone that can tell you're pregnant comes closer to reality
Smartphone that can tell you're pregnant comes closer to reality

One day, your smartphone will be able to tell you that you're pregnant.

Cranberry juice may protect against killer diseases

Drinking low-calorie cranberry juice cocktail may help lower the risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and stroke, says a study.

Sugary drinks may cause 184,000 global deaths a year: Study

Sodas and other sugary drinks may cause up to 184,000 deaths a year worldwide, according to a study published Monday in the journal Circulation.

Sip your coffee tension-free, it's no more a monster!

The debate whether coffee is healthy or not has going on for long, but a century`s worth of research proves that coffee`s effects on human health is marginal at most unless a person belongs to some particularly sensitive group.

How to develop a 'diabetes game plan'

If you are a diabetic and you are finding it difficult to develop diabetes game plan, then don't worry as here is how to get started.

High BP linked to reduced Alzheimer's risk

People with a genetic tendency to high blood pressure (BP) have a lower risk for Alzheimer`s disease, a new study has found.

Pet care helps improve Type 1 diabetes

Incorporating routine pet care into a child's diabetes self-care plan can significantly improve monitoring of the disease, resulting in lower blood glucose levels, finds a study.

Indians living a longer but unhealthy life: Study

According to a new study, ailments including diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases pose an increasing threat to health in India.

Three cups of coffee a day could slash heart disease risk

Drinking three to five cups of coffee a day may slash the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke by more than a fifth, new research has claimed.

Fasting may 'boost' your health

Dieters! You may want to rejoice as a new study has revealed that taking a short-term food break may have some pretty amazing health benefits.

Diabetic? Smart insulin patch could replace injections

Managing diabetes could soon become a lot easier as researchers have developed the first "smart insulin patch" that can detect increases in blood sugar levels and secrete doses of insulin into the bloodstream whenever required.

Ayurvedic science shows way for new diabetic drug

Research inspired by the unique ayurvedic metallic preparations known as 'bhasmas' has led Indian researchers to propose a novel nano-particle-based drug for diabetes.

Embrace yoga to check disease: Expert

With diabetes growing alarmingly in India, a health expert on Sunday urged people to embrace yoga to avoid or control the lifestyle disease.

Yoga is mentally healing, says AMU VC

The vice chancellor of the AMU on Sunday said he had been performing yoga for over 40 years and found it soothing and mentally healing.

Trans fats banned in US: How bad are they? Should India follow suit?

The US Food and Drug Administration's directive to remove artificial trans fats from processed foods can act as an eye-opener for millions of Indians, considering the adverse affects that it has on the human health.