Diabetes drugs may increase risk of heart failure

A new study has examined that glucose or sugar-lowering medications prescribed to patients with diabetes may pose an increased risk for the development of heart failure in these patients.

Why diabetes drug makes people fat

Medication used to treat patients with Type II diabetes activates sensors on brain cells that increase hunger, causing people to gain more body fat, new research has found.

This new tool helps chart risks of heart attack, stroke for anyone in world aged over 40

A new tool, dubbed as Globorisk, can help chart risks of heart attack, stroke for anyone in world aged over 40.

Mom's age at childbirth linked to son's diabetes risk

 A new research has revealed that a mom's age at childbirth may affect her baby boy's birth weight as well as his adult glucose metabolism.

Stem cells may help reverse Type 2 diabetes

Scientists have shown for the first time that Type 2 diabetes can be effectively treated with a combination of specially-cultured stem cells and conventional diabetes drugs.

Diabetes drugs may trigger heart failure

Medications for lowering glucose or sugar in diabetics may in fact increase heart failure risk inon these in these patients, new research has found.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal cured of cough, sugar under control

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejirwal’s legendary ‘khaasi’ or cough has become a thing of past as he has been cured of the ailment after he underwent intensive treatment at the Jindal Naturecure Institute.

25 pc women diabetics stand chance of gestational diabetes

About 22 to 25 per cent of women in India stand a chance of being affected with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), a condition in which women without previously diagnosed diabetes exhibit high blood glucose levels during pregnancy, especially during third trimster.

Conference on Diabetes begins Saturday in Coimbatore

A two-day Diabetic and Endocrime Summit, beginning here tomorrow, would discuss, among others, The Novel Drug Delivery Systems,involving SGLT-2 (Sodium Glucose Co Transporter) Inhibitors.

Arvind Kejriwal responding to treatment well

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is undergoing naturopathy treatment in Bengaluru, is responding well to medicines with his sugar level coming down, party sources said.

Got diabetes? There's an app for that

US health researchers said on Monday they are targeting millions of smartphone users with Apple Inc`s new software tool, hoping to collect an unprecedented amount of data on major diseases by tracking their behaviours via iPhone.

Top five health concerns for men revealed

A new study has revealed the five most common health issues in men and how to prevent them.

Get workers healthy with office-hour lifestyle exercises

Want to see your employees healthy and in shape? Get them to do some lifestyle exercises well within the office premises.

Kicking the butt leads to improved metabolic effects

People who quit smoking have improved metabolic effects, shows a new study.

Diabetes risk increases for middle-aged women whose parents smoked during pregnancy

 A new study has revealed that women female fetuses exposed to tobacco smoke may have increased diabetes risk in middle age.

Onion extract lowers high blood sugar, cholesterol

Combined with the antidiabetic drug metformin, an onion extract can help lower high blood glucose (sugar) and total cholesterol levels among diabetics, says a study.

Genetically modified soybean oil equally 'unhealthy'

If you thought that genetically modified (GM) soybean oil is any better than the normal soybean oil, you might be disappointed.

Losing 30 minutes of sleep daily triggers weight gain

Losing as little as half an hour of sleep per day on weekdays can have long-term consequences for body weight and metabolism, new research has found.

What kills more women than AIDS and breast cancer? Dirty water

Diseases spread through dirty water and poor sanitation are the fifth biggest killer of women worldwide, causing more deaths than AIDS, diabetes or breast cancer, researchers say.