Sharia divorces could be a reality in Britain

In a landmark ruling, Britain`s High Court has approved the terms of a divorce case under Jewish law which could pave the way for settling divorce cases by Sharia and other religious courts in the country.

Former Bond star George Lazenby divorces wife

Former James Bond star George Lazenby has legally separated from his wife of nine years Pam Shriver.

Guatemala`s first lady divorces "for her country"

A law in Guatemala blocks the president`s relatives from running for office.

Facebook blamed for divorces in Britain

Facebook is being blamed for a growing number of divorces in Britain.

1 in 4 US divorces involve Facebook: Study

A new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has found that one in five divorces involve the social networking site Facebook.

Chinese couples opt for divorces to claim extra compensation

A probe has been ordered after
over 100 couples in east China`s Jiangsu province, where
demolition is going on to build a Sci-tech Zone, filed for
divorce to get extra compensation for resettlement.

MIC expresses concern over rising number of divorces

Expressing concern over the rising number of divorces among the ethnic Indian community here, the Malaysian Indian Congress has sought the help of religious and social organisation to help arrest the trend.