Nigerian national gets three years jail in drug case

A Nigerian national, convicted for possessing 60 gram heroin, has been sentenced to three years in jail, a period he has already spent behind bars, by a Delhi court which took a lenient view towards him.

New drug may treat root cause of type 2 diabetes

A modified form of a drug used to eliminate intestinal parasites may treat the root cause of type 2 diabetes and not just its symptoms, scientists have found.

China launches erectile dysfunction drug less than half the price of Viagra

A Chinese brand has launched a new drug that will help erectile dysfunction, which is about 60-percent cheaper for every tablet than sildenafil-based foreign products.

New drug to generate self-destruct process in lung cancer cells

A drug combination has been discovered which can trigger the self-destruct process in lung cancer cells.

Drug to restore hearing loss being developed

Boosting the production of a key protein, called NT3, could help restore hearing loss caused by noise exposure and normal ageing, a research found.

''Drug-crazed'' Islamic State militants indulging in genocide in Kobane

Drug-crazed Islamic State militants are reportedly subjecting the Kurds and non-Muslims to large-scale genocide.

Nano-particles hold promise to treat sore eyes

Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada have developed a topical solution containing nano-particles that will combat dry eye syndrome with only one application a week.

Dallas Ebola patient on ventilator and receiving kidney dialysis

The Ebola patient fighting for his life in a Dallas hospital is on a ventilator and a kidney dialysis machine to help stabilize his health, the hospital said on Tuesday.

Teens with strong working memory better at avoiding early drug experimentation

A new study has revealed that adolescents with strong working memory are better equipped to escape early drug experimentation without progressing into substance abuse issues.

Drug kingpin, aide arrested: Heroin worth Rs 1 crore seized

A drug kingpin with links in Sri Lanka and Kuwait was arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau officials at the international airport here on Saturday, while heroin worth Rs one crore was seized from his aide in Chennai.

Molecule identified to fight oxidative stress

Investigators at the University of Missouri, US have discovered a molecule that treats oxidative stress, long thought of as an underlying cause of some of the most insidious diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Daniel Radcliffe visits marijuana cafe
Daniel Radcliffe visits marijuana cafe

Actor Daniel Radcliffe visited a marijuana cafe during a trip to Amsterdam.

New 'miracle' drug eliminates Hepatitis C virus in up to 98 pc patients

Scientists have revealed that a new, which will be soon available on the NHS, has been shown to eliminate the virus per cent of patients.

Connect to 'higher power' for purposeful life

Youngsters who regularly attend religious services and describe themselves as spiritual are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol, indulge in narcissism and avoid risky sexual behaviour, a study indicates.

10 more drug de-addiction centres will be set up in Punjab

The Punjab government will set up ten more drug de-addiction centres in the state, taking their number to 31.

Polish national arrested with charas at Indo-Nepal border

A Polish national has been arrested with narcotics at a India-Nepal border crossing in Maharajganj district.

Liberia begins giving experimental drug to Ebola patients

Liberia has begun administering to Ebola virus disease patients an experimental drug manufactured in the US that arrived in the country last week, the country`s health ministry has said.

Major drug breakthrough achieved for Alzheimer

Treatment for Alzheimer has taken a major step forward, as new drug compound has been found that turns the cognitive discrepancies of the disease.

Ebola therapy hopes shift to small California biotech

Hopes of finding a treatment for the deadly Ebola virus shifted to a small California-based biotech company whose experimental drug has been used to treat two American missionary workers.

Beatings and addiction: Pakistan drug `clinic` prescribes torture

Hashish addict Noor Rehman has spent three years chained to a concrete slab covered by insects.