Gout drugs may help heart attack survivors live longer

A study led by an Indian-origin scientist in Australia has found that a widely available drug used to treat gout can help heart attack survivors live longer.

New drug to treat apathy linked to schizophrenia

An investigational drug may provide effective treatment for the negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia such as social withdrawal, lack of emotion, and apathy, show results of a phase-three clinical trial.

'Stay awake' pill may boost brain function: Study

A drug that is used to help people with sleep disorders stay awake can boost cognitive functions in healthy people, a new study says.

Olympics: Sleep drug ban for Aussie athletes

Australia`s Olympic athletes must agree to having their bags and other possessions searched by team officials who Friday introduced a new ban on sleeping drugs from the day they are selected for Rio.

Drug to counter nuclear radiation effects

An injection given a day after exposure to nuclear radiation may increase survival chances of victims.

Potential Parkinson's disease drug fast tracks to clinical trials

A new drug, which shows great promise in treating Parkinson's disease has been fast tracked to clinical trials.

Liver drug may slow Parkinson's progress

A drug which has already been in use to treat liver disease could be an effective treatment to slow the progression of Parkinson's disease.

'Anti-diabetic drug' may help keep cholesterol in check

In a new study, researchers have claimed that a drug, used to treat type 2 diabetes, can help modulate cholesterol levels in patients.

This gel may treat blood cancer that affects skin

An investigational topical gel effectively treats patients with a rare type of blood cancer that affects the skin.

Viagra ingredient found in dietary supplements

 Be warned! New research has revealed that you might be inadvertently taking an active ingredient of Viagra in your dietary supplement that claims to improve your well-being.

Functional liver cells from stem cells to help drug discovery

 Scientists have found a way to produce large amounts of functional liver cells from human embryonic and genetic engineered stem cells.

Alzheimer's drug more effective than current pill

A promising new form of medication aimed at treating Alzheimer's has showed signs that it may be four times more effective than the current pill.

Diabetes drug not linked to bladder cancer risk

A new study has quashed the claims that diabetes drug 'Actos' raise bladder cancer risk in users, suggesting that it is safer than previously thought.

Hizbul posters surface in J&K; call for shutdown of beauty parlours

Posters of threat, believed to be circulated by Hizbul Mujhaideen surfaced on Friday in some areas of Pulwama district of Kashmir, asking beauty parlours to shut business and people to stay away from "immoral activities" like drug abuse.

New 'smart' drug to reduce inflammation developed

Researchers have developed a "smart" drug that targets inflammation in a site-specific manner and could enhance the body's natural ability to fight infection and reduce side effects.

Diabetes drug may protect against Parkinson's

 A type of drug used to treat diabetes may reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, says a new study.

New drug to treat Alzheimer's disease set to be announced

The most promising data on drug that will help in treating the Alzheimer's disease is set to be revealed today.

Prawns can protect us from parasitic disease: Study

Freshwater prawns can help prevent the spread of schistosomiasis, a potentially deadly parasitic disease that can cause anaemia, stunted growth, infertility, liver failure, bladder cancer and lasting cognitive impairment, says a new study.

New drug may block malaria in its tracks

 Scientists have developed a new drug that shows hope for stopping deadly malaria in its track.

New `long-acting` single-dose malaria drug thwarts parasite resistance

Researchers have developed a new, long-acting malaria drug that they believe may help fight disease.