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Kodak deal with creditor paves bankruptcy exit

Eastman Kodak has announced a deal to hand over film and printing businesses to its British pension fund, clearing a key lender's claims that will allow it to exit bankruptcy reorganisation.

Court approves Kodak's bid to sell patents

The patents are part of Kodak's digital-capture portfolio for devices like digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets.

Apple seeks court permission to sue Kodak

Apple Inc has asked a bankruptcy court for permission to sue Eastman Kodak, accusing it of infringing its patents.

As Kodak struggles, Eastman Chemical thrives

George Eastman is best known as the inventor of photographic film and founder of Eastman Kodak Co, but his century-old legacy of entrepreneurship now rides on the lesser-known Eastman Chemical Co.

Iconic for decades, time running out for Kodak

Its legacy spans 13 decades, and boasts many American firsts, but Eastman Kodak, best known for cameras and photography, maybe running out of options and time.