Ebola survivors can spread virus via sex

The Ebola virus can remain in semen for longer than previously thought, suggesting men who survive the disease should always use a condom during sex.

WHO draws up plan to eradicate Ebola

The World Health Organization on Tuesday unveiled a plan to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus, aiming to identify and isolate the dwindling number of new cases by the end of May.

Ella Foundation completes preliminary studies on Ebola vaccine

Ella Foundation on Monday announced that it has successfully completed preliminary studies to develop a vaccine for the Ebola virus, which has claimed hundreds of lives in West Africa.

3.5 mn additional cases of malaria untreated due to Ebola in 2014

There were 3.5 million extra cases of malaria, which were untreated in the year 2014.

Ebola outbreak likely driving malaria deaths: Study

The collapse of health services in three west African countries devastated by Ebola may have caused some 11,000 additional deaths from malaria, a preventable and curable disease, researchers said Friday.

UN chief nominates new special envoy to Yemen amid chaos

The UN chief has nominated a new special envoy to Yemen, who will be tasked with guiding talks meant to end the violent chaos in the Arab world's poorest country, the Security Council president said on Thursday.

Ebola treatment effective 3 days after infection developed

A team of researchers has successfully developed a post- exposure treatment that is effective against a specific strain of the Ebola virus that killed thousands of people in West Africa.

Hope for Ebola patients as new drug cures monkeys infected with West African virus

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: An experimental Ebola drug has cured monkeys who were infected with the West African virus.

The treatment known as TKM-Ebola-Guinea targets the Ebola virus. However, it has not been tried on humans, as yet.

Scientists to share real-time genetic data on deadly MERS, Ebola

Genetic sequence data on two of the deadliest yet most poorly understood viruses are to be made available to researchers worldwide in real time as scientists seek to speed up understanding of Ebola and MERS infections.

`Local gin` suspected of causing 18 mystery Nigeria deaths

Nigerian health authorities said on Monday that ethanol poisoning from a local gin may have been responsible for the sudden death of 18 people last week.

India need not be too concerned about Ebola: Expert

India need not be too concerned about the current Ebola outbreak but the country must be prepared to deal with any contingency in the event of an unexpected outbreak of such diseases, said an expert.

Obama warns against Ebola complacency despite 'major progress'

Despite "major progress" in the fight against Ebola, US President Barack Obama has warned against complacency and said the goal now is to get to zero cases.

Ebola virus hasn't become deadlier since outbreak

A new analysis has shown that Ebola virus has not evolved to become deadlier, despite mutating, since its outbreak 40 years ago.

Australian being tested for Ebola

An Australian woman is undergoing tests for Ebola in the capital city of Canberra, health officials said on Saturday.

New study points to potential Ebola drug target

Interfering with the replication of the Ebola virus can stop it in its tracks, opening the door to potential treatments for the deadly disease, scientists say.

US clinician cured of Ebola, leaves hospital

 An American clinician has been cured of Ebola and was discharged from a hospital near the US capital, officials said Thursday.

This quick-acting Ebola vaccine will show effect with just one dose

 Scientists have developed a quick and safe Ebola vaccine, that shows its effect against the Ebola strain with just one dose.

30 new Ebola cases, lowest weekly figure in nearly a year: WHO

Thirty confirmed cases of Ebola were reported in West Africa in the past week, the smallest number in nearly a year of the worst ever outbreak of the deadly fever, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.

Ebola-hit Liberia sets out on road to recovery

Clinging to cheap kitchenware and the hope of a better life, Fatima Kamara hawks her goods to travellers when she should probably be doing her homework.