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RBI relaxes ECB norms

At present, the choice of security to be provided to the overseas lender or the supplier for securing ECB is left to the borrower.

Rescheduling norms for ECB simplified

Simplifying ECB norms, the RBI on Friday allowed banks to re-schedule loans raised through external commercial borrowings by companies.

State-owned cos seek easier ECB norms to raise overseas funds

Several state-owned companies have approached Finance Ministry seeking relaxation in ECB norms so that they can easily raise debt from overseas markets, which would help the government tide over forex problems.

RBI allows use of ECB fund for import of services

Amid declining value of rupee, the Reserve Bank Wednesday relaxed ECB norms and allowed companies to use the overseas debt to pay for import of services, technical know-how and licence fee as part of capital goods imports.

RBI eases ECB norms for low cost house projects

The Reserve Bank Monday relaxed ECB norms for affordable housing projects by withdrawing minimum capital requirement and lowering total experience to three years, while extending the scheme till next financial year.

RBI relaxes ECB norms for infrastructure finance companies

Relaxing the ECB norms, the RBI Monday said NBFCs operating as infrastructure finance companies (IFCs) can now avail the overseas borrowings up to 75 percent of their owned funds without its approval.

NBFCs, infra finance cos ask RBI to relax ECB norms

Non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and asset infra finance companies today asked the Reserve Bank to further liberalise foreign borrowing norms for them to tide over fund crunch.