Majority of people reply to their emails within just 2 minutes
Majority of people reply to their emails within just 2 minutes

A new research done on email usage has found that nearly 90 percent of users reply to their emails within a day and majority of them reply within just two minutes.

US panel asks Clinton to testify by May 1 on emails

A US congressional panel investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks called for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday to testify by May 1, following a scandal involving her use of private emails while secretary of state.

US Congress panel asks Hillary Clinton to hand over e-mail server

A Republican-led US congressional panel has formally asked Hillary Clinton to hand over her private computer server, ramping up scrutiny over her use of a personal e-mail address while secretary of state.

Obama knew about Hillary's private email address: White House

President Barack Obama exchanged emails with Hillary Clinton on her private email address while she was Secretary of State but only recently learned the details of the personal email server she was operating, the White House said today.

Three people charged over massive US email data breach

Two Vietnamese citizens and a Canadian have been charged over roles in hacking email service providers in the United States in one of the largest reported data breaches in the nation`s history, the Department of Justice said on Friday.

Peter Jackson can't even send emails

 Filmmaker Peter Jackson, who has made films like `The Lord of The Rings` and `The Hobbit` trilogy, says he “can't even do an email” and is an “absolute idiot at computers”. But he credits his team for handling it all well.

WeMail introduces voice messages to emails

Email app WeMail will now allow users to record and send voice messages instead of text emails at up to 20 seconds each, a report said.

Taylor Swift pens letters
Taylor Swift pens letters

Country star Taylor Swift enjoys writing letters to people because she believes they are more meaningful than an email.

Women hooked to texting, men can't live without Facebook

Contrary to the traditional view that men are more invested in technology, a new study found that more young women are addicted to cell phones and even get agitated when it is not in sight.

Gmail: Lesser known tricks and tips

Gmail,the world`s most popular email service, has certain features which are unknown to most users.

BSF jawans to blog, email `ideas` and suggestions to HQs

Taking a cue from Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s advise to his ministers on use of social media, the country`s largest border guarding force BSF, has asked its personnel to write emails or blogs about the problems and grievances faced by them.

Despite London acquittals, U.S. probe of News Corp continues

More than a year after asking for and receiving emails from News Corp`s U.S. operation related to allegations of phone hacking and bribery, the FBI is still investigating whether British-based representatives of the media company may have broken U.S. law, sources familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

How to send `effective` emails like Steve Jobs

Long emails are a thing of the past, and certainly not worth giving a read. However, these simple tips could help in sending crisp and effective emails , which never fail to attract attention, just like Steve Jobs did.

LinkedIn launches `Intro` tool that shares career information on iPhone emails

LinkedIn has reportedly launched a new tool that shows professional information of users in emails being read on iPhones.

NSA collecting millions of contact lists: Report

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the spy agency intercepts hundreds of thousands of email address books every day from private accounts on Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook and Hotmail that move though global data links.

Google Glass gets software update before anticipated launch

Google has reportedly given a software update to its much-anticipated wearable computing device Google Glass ahead of its launch.

NSA collected thousands of Americans` emails

The US National Security Agency (NSA) had improperly collected thousands of e-mails from Americans with no links to terrorism over three years before a special court ruled it unconstitutional.

Bolivian president accuses US of hacking into officials` emails

Morales added that he had even shut his account for fears of being hacked by the US.

Obama says US not spying on German, French emails

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that US spies were not "rifling" through emails of Germans, French or American citizens, in a defence of National Security Agency surveillance programmes.

Techie held for sending emails containing wife`s obscene pics

A software engineer from Bangalore was arrested by Andhra Pradesh police on the charge of sending emails containing obscene photos of his wife who had sought divorce for allegedly hiding his first marriage.