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Wikileaks denies Russia provided access to Hillary Clinton's emails

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has denied that the Russian government was the source of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's emails that were published this year, a media report said on Thursday.

Hillary Clinton must give written testimony in e-mail case: US judge

A federal judge has ruled that Democrat Hillary Clinton must respond in writing in a lawsuit over her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state.

U.S. State Department to release final Hillary Clinton email batch

The release of the remaining 1,700 emails yet to be made public does not mark the end of a controversy that has dogged Clinton`s campaign to be elected president in November.

Vatican court OKs Pope's No 2 as defense witness

It remains to be seen if Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin will actually testify.

Yahoo Mail stops ad blockers, what next?

Yahoo Mail stops ad blockers, what next?

Yahoo is reportedly preventing some users from accessing their mail if they use ad-blocking software in their browser.

Weekday morning best time to email someone!

Weekday morning best time to email someone!

Know why emails sent in the morning on weekdays get the best replies!

Yahoo Mail update now allows users to view email, attachments simultaneously

Yahoo Mail update now allows users to view email, attachments simultaneously

Yahoo has released a new version of its mail for desktop that allows the users to view both their email and attachments side-by-side.

Microsoft urges US court to block warrant for emails held abroad

 Microsoft Corp asked a federal appeals court on Wednesday to block the U.S. government from forcing the company to hand over a customer`s emails stored on an Irish server, warning that the precedent would create a "global free-for-all" that eviscerates personal privacy.

Microsoft's new app makes emails quick

Thanks to a new app from Microsoft, now you won`t have to go through a tedious process to send an email from your phone.

Giphy unveils a Chrome extension for easy to email GIFs

Giphy, the search and database site for animated gifs, has released a Chrome extension.

WikiLeaks accuses Google of handing over emails to US

WikiLeaks accuses Google of handing over emails to US

WikiLeaks on Monday accused Internet giant Google of handing over the emails and electronic data of its senior staff to the US authorities, and not notifying them for almost three years.

'Information-rich' emails aid phishing scams

'Information-rich' emails that include graphics, logos and other brand markers which communicate authenticity may be driving the incredible spread of email phishing scams, researchers, including those of Indian-origin, have found.

Phishing successful 45% of the time: Study

Certain websites included in phishing emails successfully lure users up to 45 percent of the time, according to a new Google study.

Beware of phishing emails, cautions Income Tax department

The I-T department Monday cautioned the public against responding to emails originating from private addresses as tax personnel send communication only through official email addresses.

Spam emails on decline, malware still on high-rise: Kaspersky

The total number of spam emails has reportedly declined in the third quarter of the year, but the malware is still running high, security company Kaspersky has revealed.

Office bullies now using technology to target colleagues

Office bullies are increasingly resorting to text messages, emails and the internet to attack and abuse their colleagues, a new study has found.

Indians spend more time on social media than emails: Survey

Indians spend more time on social networking sites than on checking e-mails, a survey by an online software security company has found.

A car that reads out emails, Facebook updates unveiled

The unique Rinspeed BamBoo car can also help motorists behind the wheel surf the net by using a series of voice commands.

107 trillion emails sent last year: Pingdom

Internet users sent a total of 107 trillion emails last year, most of them spam.