Breast milk more nutritious in China than US

Babies in China are treated to more nutritious breast milk than those in Mexico or the US, suggests a new research.

Fake eyelashes may be damaging eye health

Wearing long, fake eyelashes may lead more air and dust to hit the eyes causing them to dry out, a new study suggests.

Top-selling eye vitamins in US not safe: Study

 Researchers have found that claims made about top-selling eye vitamins in the US lack concrete scientific evidence and these supplements could pose a risk to users.

iPhone app to ensure eye health

Researchers have successfully used an iPhone app for imaging the inside of the eye of immobile and paediatric patients.

Majority of women use expired eye make-up products: Survey
Majority of women use expired eye make-up products: Survey

A research conducted on the occasion of National Eye Health Week has revealed that women tend to use eye make-up products beyond their expiry dates.

Eat grapes daily for super eye health

Apart from other health benefits, do you know that grapes can work in multiple ways to promote your eye health?

Rosemary herb compound promotes eye health

Rosemary herb has yielded a compound -- carnosic acid -- that promotes eye health, according to researchers at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute.