Facebook page of WCD Ministry hits 2 lakh 'Likes'!

Facebook page of WCD Ministry hits 2 lakh 'Likes'!

Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi had taken to Facebook on Wednesday to have a one-on-one interaction with people through a live Facebook chat.

What your Facebook posts say about you

What your Facebook posts say about you

 Your Facebook posts say a lot about you or so, a new study from London's Brunel University said.

Want more ''likes'' on Facebook? Check your watch

Want more ''likes'' on Facebook? Check your watch

So your last Facebook post, on which you worked so much - giving smart twists to make it funny and awesome - did not garner any likes? Well, the fault may not be with the content but with timings, says a study.

Facebook strips smiles from fake 'like' sellers

Facebook said that its war against fake likes is paying off so well that many 'bad actors' who built businesses on the tactic are closing shop.

Mom's Facebook apology garners thousands 'likes'

Mom's Facebook apology garners thousands 'likes'

Alabama resident Kyesha Smith Wood's apology through a public post on Facebook for her daughter and stepdaughter's bad behaviour at a movie theatre has garnered much appreciation from all quarters.

Watch: Badi Khabar @8pm

Watch: Badi Khabar @8pm only on Zee News.

Salman Khan has more Facebook ‘likes’ than Shah Rukh Khan!

Heavyweight Salman Khan is way past the number of likes required to beat King Khan on Facebook.

Facebook snub could be psychological hell

Researchers have shown that being ignored on Facebook could perhaps be the worst thing that can happen to you.

Facebook sued for 'falsifying' member endorsements for sponsored ads

The complaint accuses Facebook of breaking a number of California civil and business codes.

Facebook's 'international users' account for 80% Likes, Shares on site

The data has pointed that Facebook has seen a 5 percent increase in clicks on Like and Share buttons since resigning the buttons last month.

US court declares Facebook `Like` `free speech` under constitution

A federal court in the US has reportedly declared that hitting the Facebook ` Like` button is protected free speech under the country`s constitution.

Gehlot defends tech team in Facebook `likes` row

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday defended his technical team and ruled out any mischief by it in the row over allegedly buying `likes` for his official Facebook page.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot accused of “buying” Facebook `Likes`

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has been accused of buying Likes in bulk for his official Facebook page.

US State Dept spent $630K for more Facebook `likes`

The New York State Department has reportedly spent a whopping 630,000 dollars on its advertising campaign aimed at garnering more ` likes` from the Facebook users.

Number of Facebook ‘Likes’ good indicator of quality hospital care: Study

American Journal of Medical Quality (a SAGE journal) recently published a study that suggested Facebook offers an additional resource, beyond surveys, to gauge the attitudes of patient populations.

Facebook `likes` add automatically without user-clicks

Facebook `likes` are being added to webpages irrespective of whether users have clicked a like button or not, or even visited the social networking site, the company has acknowledged.