Social media posts to help improve public safety
Social media posts to help improve public safety

 Statisticians can glean insightful information from Facebook posts, tweets and other online social media communications that may help improve public safety, researchers have said.

Facebook glitch makes outside links disappear
Facebook glitch makes outside links disappear

Facebook has reported that a glitch had caused users posts to disappear and new links are apparently being blocked when posting is attempted.

Couples as happy as they appear on Facebook
Couples as happy as they appear on Facebook

Whether you "like" it or not, couples who flaunt how happy they are with their partners through selfies, pictures, or text messages on Facebook are actually more satisfied with their partners than those who do not, says a study.

Zuckerberg considering adding "dislike" button on Facebook
Zuckerberg considering adding "dislike" button on Facebook

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he is considering adding a "dislike" button to Facebook posts, allowing users to express emotions in another way other than "like" or leaving a comment.

Facebook status updates contagious, spread like virus: Study

Be cautious while posting updates on your Facebook page as it can have a huge influence on its viewers.

Posting on friend`s Facebook wall may bring you closer

Using Facebook to post on a friend`s wall or to share condolences or congratulations can make you feel closer to your pal and more satisfied with your friendship, according to a new study.

Awkward Facebook posts may cause anguish

Awkward Facebook posts can not only cause embarrassment, but also make some people suffer anguish and anxiety for a long time, a new study has found.

Facebook updates News Feed to show more `high quality content`

Facebook has reportedly updated its News Feed to show more high quality content to its users, including news articles and current events.

Facebook posts can reveal if you are a `psychopath`

Facebook posts can be used to predict whether a user has a range of `dark` personality traits, Swedish researchers have revealed.

Now, search for your old Facebook posts with graph search

Facebook has reportedly inserted a feature in its Graph Search that allows users to find their older posts.

Expert warns Facebook`s new `edit post` feature may be misused

Facebook recently launched its ` edit post` feature, allowing users to make changes to their posts after they have gone live, however, an expert believes that this may be misused.

`Some` of Facebook posts now embeddable

Social media giant Facebook just added another feature to its already vast manner of sharing and posting content with the introduction of `embedding` option to posts and pictures.

Now, pay to promote your friends` Facebook posts

If you really like a friend`s Facebook post, you would be asked to shell out some cash to ensure it gets seen by others on the social networking site.

Arrest of Mumbai girls for FB posts "draconian": CPI

CPI termed the arrest of two girls in Mumbai for their Facebook posts on the shutdown during Thackeray`s funeral as an "assualt" on freedom of speech.

Facebook posts and tweets proving a helping hand for thieves

Tweeting about your holiday antics could just be the green light a burglar needs to break into your house!