Bob Geldof to fire up charity hit 30 years on to fight Ebola

Musician and philanthropist Bob Geldof, who in 1984 inspired a host of rock stars to record a charity single for Africa, will raise money to combat Ebola with a new version of the song.

US unveils $83 mn in aid for S Sudan

The United States on Monday unveiled some $83 million in new aid for South Sudanese refugees who have fled fighting triggering fears of a looming famine.

A million people at risk as Somalia slides towards famine: UN

Over a million people in war-torn Somalia are struggling in conditions close to famine, with hunger and drought due to worsen, United Nations experts said Tuesday.

South Sudan humanitarian aid operations are world`s largest: UN

The scale of humanitarian operations in South Sudan is now the largest in any single country and the world`s youngest nation is on the brink of catastrophe as a famine looms, the U.N. deputy peacekeeping chief said on Wednesday.

UN warns of world inaction as South Sudan famine looms

Top UN aid chiefs have begged donors to increase efforts to stave off looming famine in South Sudan, where a third of the population are in crisis after months of war.

Somali capital one step short of famine: UN

War-torn Somalia is sliding back into an acute hunger crisis with parts of the capital facing emergency levels just short of famine, the United Nations warned Monday.

1 million South Sudanese may face famine: UN chief

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is warning that up to a million people could face famine in conflict-torn South Sudan unless there is immediate action.

Over 100 dead due to malnutrition in Pakistan`s Sindh: Reports

Over 100 people, including many children, have died in Pakistan`s Sindh province due to severe malnutrition in what has been described as a famine-like situation that has alarmed the government.

`Indo-Pak nuclear war could kill 2 billion people`

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan would set off a global famine that could kill two billion people and effectively end human civilization, a study said on Tuesday.

Evidence of 2000-year-old famine found in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists have found three intact cooking pots and a small ceramic oil lamp; the first evidence of the famine and terror that spread throughout Jerusalem around 2,000 years ago, during the Roman siege.

260,000 died in Somali famine: Report

Officials in East Africa say a report to be released this week estimates that 260,000 people died in Somalia`s 2011 famine, more than double previous estimates.

`Humans gobbling up Earth at alarming pace`

Everyday an average person gobbles up 4.1 litres of diesel fuel, 29 kg of soil and 2.2 tonnes of fresh water.

Famine spreads in Somalia region: UN

Famine spread to a sixth southern
Somali region and will likely extend further in the coming
four months, the United Nations said on Monday.

Muslim nations pledge help for Somalia

The UN has appealed for $1.2 billion for famine victims in Somalia and Horn of Africa neighbours.

WFP expands relief work in famine-hit Somalia

Tens of thousands of people are feared to have died in the famine, caused by war in Somalia.

US gives $17 million more to Horn of Africa famine

The United States has agreed to give an additional $17 million in aid for fighting famine in the Horn of Africa.

Kenya burdened by famine refugees

Marauding gangs and criminals are attacking Somali famine refugees more frequently as they flee across the border to Kenyan camps.

Famine to engulf all of southern Somalia: UN

Experts warn that famine ravaging parts of Somalia is likely to persist for the rest of the year.

29,000 Somali children under 5 dead in famine: US

The UN declared three new regions in Somalia famine zones, bringing the total number to five.

US eases Somalia sanctions as famine worsens

The United States has devoted more than $450 million to emergency assistance in the Horn of Africa.