Sponge-like plastic to soak up CO2, reduce pollution
Sponge-like plastic to soak up CO2, reduce pollution

Scientists have developed a sponge-like plastic that sops up carbon dioxide (CO2) and might ease our transition away from polluting fossil fuels and towards new energy sources, such as hydrogen.

Britain to join US in ending coal power support abroad

Britain said Wednesday it would join the United States in a charge to curb financial aid for building coal-fired power plants abroad.

How to turn carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuel back into fuel

Scientists are now looking at new ways to turn the tables on the No. 1 greenhouse gas and convert carbon dioxide back into fuel.

Algae could be fuel for your car in the future

A scientist, who is working to find an alternative for oil, has placed his bets on algae to become the fuel of the future.

Setting sail with gas from wasted food

Engineers are designing the world`s first super efficient cargo vessels that will revolutionise shipping - operating without a single drop of fossil fuel.

Alaskan ice reveals human impact on global carbon cycle

Glacial ice has provided scientists new clues as to how the Earth’s remote ecosystems have been influenced by industrial revolution.

Fossil fuel dependence will limit global food output

Agriculture can keep pace with the ever growing global demand for food only by reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, warns a UN Food and Agriculture Organisation report.

Global carbon emissions up 50 percent

Global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have gone up by 49 percent over the last two decades to reach a staggering 10 billion tonnes in 2010.

Fossil fuel CO2 emissions have increased 3 times in the last decade

In a new report, scientists have painted a bleak picture of the Earth’s future, by revealing that the annual rate of increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels has more than tripled in this decade.