Ciara gives birth to a baby boy?

Pop star Ciara and her fiance Future have reportedly welcomed a son. The 28-year-old first-time mother gave birth to her child yesterday, reportedly.

Ciara gets engaged to boyfriend Future

Ciara and her rapper boyfriend Future are engaged after dating for a year.

Time travel possible but only in one direction, the future!

A physicist has claimed that it is possible to build a time machine, but to go only into the future.

New tech can tell exactly where you will be in future

Researchers have developed a new tracking software that can tell you exactly where you will be on a precise time and date years into the future.

Mukesh Bhatt predicts bright future for Poonam Pandey

Filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt is so much impressed with director Amit Saxena-directed erotica ‘Nasha’ that he feels it will be a landmark movie in controversial model Poonam Pandey`s career.

Taylor Swift clueless about future

Taylor Swift says she is quite clueless about where her life is heading.

Biodiversity crisis requires political will

Dealing with biodiversity crisis requires political will and it needs to be based on a solid scientific knowledge.

Robo-sex could be common in future

Robo-bar staff, even robo-sex and hotel rooms that change colour, could be commonplace in future travel scenario.

Feeling connected to our future selves can help us spend less, save more

A new study has revealed that those people who feel more connected to their future selves make more patient choices.

Television serials are the future, says Sadashiv Amrapurkar

Sadashiv Amrapurkar is set to make his small screen debut with Zee TV`s new show `Shobha Somnath Ki`.

Lady Gaga would consider cosmetic surgery in future

‘Born This Way’ singer Lady Gaga has revealed that she has not ruled out on having cosmetic surgery in the future.

JB Patnaik asks people of Orissa to think of future

Assam Governor J B Patnaik on Friday
asked the people, specially technocrats, to read the glorious
history of Orissa and think of the state`s future development
to bring prosperity.

Crucial decisions on Goa NCP`s future tomorrow: Pacheco

NCP on Tuesday said a decision regarding
the party`s role in the Goa government and its state unit
would be taken in Delhi tomorrow.

Artificial intelligence could run spacecraft in future

Scientists are designing spacecraft that can act by themselves and reason like human beings.

Coming soon: Fridge of the future!

Imagine your home refrigerator
cleaning itself and automatically re-ordering fresh food.

Shania Twain excited about future

Shania Twain is optimistic about her future after her engagement to Swiss businessman Frederic Thiebaud.

Taylor Swift talks about future, fame and India

America`s new sweetheart is proud of the notches on her passport. The country superstar now wants exotic India to be her next pit-stop.

Indian official `bleak` on future ties with Pakistan

An Indian official presented to US diplomats a "bleak prognosis" of future ties with Pakistan even if India gave Kashmir to it "on a platter", US diplomatic cables reveal.

`Taliban may get control of some Afghan provinces in future`

Afghan government has held the
"final round" of talks with Taliban representatives.

Humans on floating mini cities in future!

Humans in the future could be living in floating mini cities that drift across the Pacific Ocean.