Greece seeks EU allies but Germany holds firm

Greece`s radical new government on Saturday began a search for European allies for its anti-austerity agenda, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel once again ruled out debt relief for Athens.

Greek government set for first talks with eurozone partners

Greece`s new anti-austerity government is set to hold its first talks Friday with its eurozone partners about its ambitions to secure a reduction in the massive debts linked to its 240-billion-euro ($269 billion) international bailout.

EU, Germany warn Greece over debt reduction ambitions

The European Union and Germany warned Greece`s radical new left-wing government Thursday that there is little support for a reduction in its massive debts, on the eve of its first talks with its eurozone partners.

Germany`s anti-euro party split over PEGIDA ties

Germany`s upstart anti-euro AfD party will seek to mend a rift among members on whether to forge close ties with an emergent "anti-Islamisation" movement at a congress this weekend.

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras freezes privatisations, markets tumble

Leftwing Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras threw down an open challenge to international creditors on Wednesday by halting privatisation plans agreed under the country`s bailout deal, prompting a third day of heavy losses on financial markets.

Germany agrees with India on equal use use of GCF for adaptation & mitigation

 Germany today agreed with India's position that the funds in the Green Climate Fund (GCF) should be equally utilized for both mitigation and adaptation, a view which it were "opposed" to earlier.

Germany calls on Greece to show `fairness` to Europeans

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Wednesday urged the new government in Greece to show "fairness" to fellow citizens in Germany and Europe who have helped bail out the crisis-ridden country.

German President urges citizens not to forget Holocaust

German President Joachim Gauck on Tuesday urged all Germans never to forget the Holocaust.

India, Germany to hold talks on environment, climate change

India and Germany will hold a bilateral meeting tomorrow aiming at strengthening the cooperation between the two nations on issues related to environment.

Merkel congratulates Greece`s Tsipras, wishes him `strength, success`

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Greece`s new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday and wished him "much strength and success" after his anti-austerity party`s victory in elections.

Last survivors recall Auschwitz, ask if lessons learned

Around 300 survivors of the Auschwitz death camp were gathering on Tuesday to mark 70 years since its liberation by Soviet troops, joined by world leaders for a commemoration held in the shadow of war in Ukraine and a rise in anti-Semitism in Europe.

Merkel calls threats, attacks against Jews 'disgrace'

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday it was a "disgrace" that Jews in Germany faced insults, threats or violence, as she marked 70 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.

China calls for Brazil football player exodus
China calls for Brazil football player exodus

Still getting over Brazil`s World Cup semi-final debacle at the hands of eventual winners Germany, fears have been expressed for the future well-being of the domestic league amid an ongoing exodus to Europe, but also China.

Thousands join anti-Islam rally as Germany worries about image

Thousands of people joined a march by the German anti-Islamisation PEGIDA movement on Sunday, the group`s first rally since threats surfaced against the group and its leader resigned over "Hitler" photos.

Germany halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia: Report

 Germany has decided to stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia because of "instability in the region," German daily Bild reported on Sunday.

Foreign ministers in Ukraine talks call for ceasefire

The foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France ended their latest Berlin crisis meeting on Wednesday with a joint call to end hostilities in Ukraine but no ground-breaking agreement.

Russia says North Korea sent positive signal on Kim visit in May

Russia received a positive initial signal from North Korea after President Vladimir Putin invited its leader Kim Jong Un to attend anniversary celebrations of the Soviet victory over Germany in World War Two, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Diplomats meet in Berlin as Ukraine fighting flares

The foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France met on Wednesday seeking to defuse the conflict in Ukraine, whose president charged that Moscow sent in 9,000 troops to fuel the separatist insurgency.

Germany`s PEGIDA leader steps down after `Hitler selfie`

The leader of Germany`s 'anti-Islamisation" movement PEGIDA stepped down Wednesday after a picture emerged of him sporting a Hitler-style haircut and moustache, along with racist slurs he posted on Facebook.