German embassy holding concert in aid of flood-hit Kashmir

The German embassy is organising a concert on Tuesday of Kashmiri music featuring noted santoor player Pandit Bhajan Sopori and his son Abhay in aid of Jammu and Kashmir, which has been hit by devastating floods.

Germany rules out air strikes, ground troops against IS

 Germany has ruled out participation in air strikes or any other ground offensive against the Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq, denying reports that it was under pressure to provide air support to the US forces.

Germany rules out air strikes, ground troops in Iraq

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Sunday said Germany would not be involved in air strikes or any ground offensive in the fight against Islamic State jihadists in Iraq.

German Muslims rally against extremism

Muslims across Germany held a day of prayer and rallies on Friday to condemn both Islamic extremism and a backlash against their faith that has seen arson attacks on mosques.

German Muslims rally against extremism
German Muslims rally against extremism

Muslims across Germany are holding a day of prayers and rallies on Friday to condemn Islamic extremism and a backlash against their faith that has seen arson attacks on mosques.

Ravi Shankar Prasad meets German vice chancellor

Communications and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who is in Germany on an official visit, Thursday met the German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabrial and urged the country to increase investments in India.

Germany to toughen penalties against child porn

Germany is seeking to widen its definition of child pornography and jail people for up to three years for owning or trading photographs of naked children that are considered pornographic, according to a new draft law.

German chancellor wins South Korea Angela Merkel peace prize

Angela Merkel was awarded the 2014 Seoul Peace Prize Wednesday for acknowledging Germany`s wartime crimes and voicing the sort of contrition South Korea has repeatedly accused Japanese leaders of avoiding.

Anti-euro party gains political ground in eastern Germany

Germany's fledgling Euro-sceptic "AfD" party has shaken the country's political landscape by making big gains in two state elections, a fortnight after securing seats in a state legislature for the first time.

Anti-euro party extends gains in eastern Germany

Germany's fledgling anti-euro party celebrated election gains in two eastern states today, in a show of strength that spells a growing threat for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.

At a landmark Berlin rally, Angela Merkel vows to fight anti-Semitism

Germany will do all it can to fight anti-Semitism, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a speech on Sunday, following a surge of abuse against Jews and spreading anti-Israeli sentiment aroused by the Gaza conflict.

Germany condemns David Haines beheading as `barbaric violence`

Germany on Sunday condemned the execution of British aid worker David Haines by an Islamic State militant as a "heinous act of barbaric violence".

Angela Merkel to rally fight against anti-Semitism

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Jewish leaders will speak Sunday at a Berlin rally against anti-Semitism after the latest Gaza conflict sparked an upsurge in hate speech against Jews.

German anti-euro party`s `values` drive energises voters

To strong applause from other supporters at a rally of Germany`s fledgling anti-euro party, lawyer Frank Gerlach tells the crowd he`s pleased that Europe`s top economy once again has a "conservative party".

German `jihadist` goes on trial for Islamic State ties

A 20-year-old German alleged jihadist goes on trial Monday on charges of fighting for Islamic State in Syria, in Germany`s first court proceedings involving the militant group.

Flemish nationalists tread cautiously on Scottish independence vote

Scotland`s independence vote inspires Flemish nationalists with hope but, with negotiations underway on forming a new Belgian government, they also have their reasons to tread carefully, analysts say.

Body parts found in barrels in German garage

Authorities say parts of a woman's body have been found in two plastic barrels in a garage near Frankfurt, but it's unclear how long ago she died, who she was and what happened to her.

Germany to send 40 military trainers to Iraq

 Germany plans to send about 40 paratroopers to Iraq to provide weapons training to Kurdish fighters battling an Islamic extremist insurgency.

Germany, Britain say won't take part in anti-IS air strikes in Syria

The foreign ministers of Germany and Britain said on Thursday they would not be taking part in air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State militant group.

Iran, European countries hold nuclear talks in Vienna

 Officials from Iran and Britain, France and Germany were due on Thursday to hold nuclear talks in Vienna towards reaching a potentially historic accord by November.