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Google bans adult content on Glassware following first porn app release

Google is working hard to avoid a sullied reputation for the wearable computer before it is officially released.

Google Glass poses threat to user privacy

Google Glass poses security threats as the wearable computer developed by the search giant does not have any PIN or authentication system, hackers have revealed.

Google Glass water-resistant, says tech expert

The Google Glass, which overlays digital information in the real world, could be water-proof, as a well known technology and social media personality has discovered.

Google Glass given to a few developers to work on applications

The California-headquartered firm, however, did not give any particular date for the Indian or global launch of Google Glass -- a wearable computer with a head-mounted display.

Google Glass: Key specifications

Google has finally released the technical specifications of its highly talked about, next generation gadget - Google Glass.