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Google best place to work, Twitter off the grid

Google the best place to work on Earth, announces the seventh “2015 Best Places to Work” listing from Glassdoor, a US-based website.

Google overseas tax bill rises as UK sales hit $5.6 bn

Google has said its UK sales hit USD 5.64 billion in 2013, a rise of 16 percent on the previous year -- its lowest growth rate in three years.

Google pays $55 million tax in Britain on 2012 sales of $5 billion

Google, which has been grilled twice in the past year by a UK parliamentary committee over its tax practices, had a UK tax bill of 35 million pounds (USD 55 million) in 2012, on sales of US D4.9 billion to British customers, its accounts showed.

US-based Google claims immunity from UK privacy laws

The search giant has already been slammed for failing to pay tax in the UK where it is believed to draw huge revenue and the latest case only suggests that the site is making up rules to suit itself.

Google sues British telecoms group over patent infringement

Google claimed that the London-based firm in California violated four of its patents.

Google denies conducting immoral tax practices in UK

As Matt Brittin fought back against suggestions that multinationals are ‘immoral’, he said it was down to politicians to legislate if they wanted to force change.

Google to be grilled for ‘avoiding paying 218 mn pounds in tax’ in UK

Company accounts showed that last year Google raked in 2.6 billion pounds in revenues from its UK operations, which are officially based in Ireland.