Scientists develop faster method to produce graphene
Scientists develop faster method to produce graphene

 Researchers have found a faster, scalable method to develop few-layer graphene for use in energy storage and other material applications.

Cooler computers, smartphones using graphene

 Almost half of the total energy used in running a computer goes in cooling it down. That is going to change now.

World's thinnest light bulb is here

 Imagine how thin a light 'bulb' could be? Well, it could be just one atom thick!

Graphene may be used to build fuel-free spacecraft

The wonder material graphene may be used to build fuel-free spacecraft that runs on just sunlight, researchers say.

Graphene allows for glasses-free 3D holograms

Researchers have used a graphene-based material to create a pop-up 3D floating display which does not require special glasses.

Scientists find novel way to produce better graphene

 A team from the California Institute of Technology has invented a new method to produce "wonder material" graphene at the room temperature that can help pave the way for better graphene-based solar cells and light-emitting diodes, large-panel displays and flexible electronics.

Black phosphorus is new 'wonder material'

Black phosphorus can be used to transfer data at high speed on nanoscale optical circuits, a new research has found.

Scientists turn graphene into effective anti-cancer drug

A team including an Indian-origin researcher Aravind Vijayaraghavan from the University of Manchester has used graphene to target and neutralise cancer stem cells while not harming other cells.

First graphene-based LED display paves way for more efficient, flexible electronic devices
First graphene-based LED display paves way for more efficient, flexible electronic devices

First graphene-based LED display has paved way for more efficient flexible and see-through electronic devices, it has been reported.

Researchers make magnetic graphene

Researchers have found a way to induce magnetism in graphene while also preserving its electronic properties, an advance that may pave the way for new multi-functional electronic devices.

Graphene shows promise for bulletproof vests

 Wonder material graphene has revolutionised batteries and super-conductors. Now it has been demonstrated by scientists that it is 10 times better than steel at stopping bullets.

Graphene potentially useful in fuel cell technology: Study

 Graphene, impermeable to gases and liquids, can easily allow protons to pass through it, suggesting it could be a promising candidate for use in hydrogen fuel cells, according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

Super material has chink in its armour: Study

Impermeable to gases and liquids, the super material graphene can be pierced by one type of subatomic particle, according to a surprise discovery hailed Wednesday as a breakthrough for fuel cell technology.

Super material to enhance digital memory

Researchers from University of Nebraska-Lincoln have employed Nobel Prize-winning material graphene to enhance the properties of a component primed for the next generation of high-speed, high-capacity random-access memory (RAM).

Graphene may allow for flexible, low-cost touchscreens
Graphene may allow for flexible, low-cost touchscreens

Graphene-treated nanowires could soon replace current touchscreen technology allowing for more affordable, flexible displays, scientists say.

New biosensor to diagnose cancer in a jiffy

An ultra-sensitive biosensor made from the wonder material graphene has been used to detect molecules that indicate an increased risk of developing cancer.

Detector can view objects invisible to naked eye

A new ultra-thin detector holds promise as an instrument to view below the surface of bodies, beyond walls and other objects invisible to the human eye.

Graphene rubber bands can be inexpensive body motion sensors

In a first, scientists have treated common elastic bands with graphene to create inexpensive body motion sensors that can measure a patient`s breathing, heart rate or movement.

Super-strong graphene has achilles` heel

Graphene, often touted as a miracle material, is also as brittle as ordinary ceramic and susceptible to crack, a new study has found.

New graphene-type material created

Scientists have created a new material, related to graphene, which has the potential to improve transistors used in electronic devices.