Iranian hardliners form ''chastity patrols''

"Chastity patrols", created by an Iranian paramilitary group, are patrolling the streets of Iran to force women to go "well covered" in public.

'Malaysia Airlines should allow hijab for Muslim stewardesses'

Muslim women flight attendants working for Malaysia Airlines (MAS) should be allowed to wear the hijab or the Islamic head dress, a minister has said.

Thousands protest breaches of Iran`s female dress code

Thousands of religious hardliners today protested in Tehran against what they said was the flouting of Iran`s conservative female dress code, media reports said.

Muslim school in UK forces all female teachers to wear `hijab`

A Muslim school in the UK has asked its female teachers to sign new contracts stipulating they must wear the Islamic scarf ` hijab` during lesson s, even if they do not practise the religion.

Abercrombie wrongly fired Muslim for hijab: Judge

A federal judge in San Francisco has ruled trendy clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch wrongly fired a Muslim worker who insisted on wearing a head scarf.

Swedes don headscarves to support Muslim victim

Swedish women posted pictures of themselves online wearing hijabs, or traditional Muslim headscarves, to show solidarity with a Muslim woman who was attacked in a Stockholm suburb for wearing one.

Woman student `illegally expelled` over hijab in Russia

Prosecutors in Russia`s Siberian region have said that a university`s expulsion of a female student for wearing a hijab was "unlawful".

Muslim girl `discriminated` for wearing `hijab` at Chicago school

Attia Gray, 15, a sophomore at the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology, said her teacher looked at her leopard-print hijab and told her she couldn`t wear it.

Muslim student expelled over hijab in Russia

Russian prosecutors are looking into a case of alleged expulsion of a female student from a Siberian university over her hijab.

Russia allows hijab on work permit photos

Russia will now allow applicants for employment permits to be photographed with their head covered, if required by their religious beliefs, a media report said.

Muslim parents sue UK school for banning girl`s hijab

A Muslim couple have sued a school in Britain after it banned students from wearing the traditional Islamic headscarf or hijab, a media report said Thursday.

‘Russian women being paid to cover up at Iran N-plant’

Russian women working at Iran`s Bushehr nuclear power plant are not properly adhering to the Islamic republic`s strict dress code, despite receiving extra pay for compliance, an Iranian lawmaker has said.

Jamaat wants `Hijab` to be made compulsory in Pak

Jamaat-e-Islami party has launched a campaign to make it compulsory for Pak women to wear the Hijab (scarf) to cover their head and neck in public.

Syrian President appoints new PM after defection

Syria President Bashar al-Assad has appointed Health Minister Wael al-Halki as new Prime Minister.

Agreement reached over Saudi judoka hijab dispute

Judo officials had previously said they would not let Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani compete in a headscarf.

US: Toddler on `no-fly list`

About 20,000 people are on the no-fly list, according to a counter-terrorism official, including 500 Americans.

Women wear hijab in support of hate victim

One million women have posted their pics on Facebook wearing the hijab to show their support for an Iraqi hate victim.

UN urges FIFA to allow hijab headscarf

The United Nations has urged FIFA to allow Islamic women to wear a hijab headscarf while playing soccer.

Retd fireman detained at UK airport for "racist remarks"

A retired fireman was
detained at a busy UK airport for asking why a veiled woman was not checked by the

US Muslim woman sues Abercrombie over hijab

A US Muslim woman accused Abercrombie & Fitch of firing her for refusing to remove her head scarf.