Over one lakh new HIV/AIDS cases reported in China in 2014

China has reported 104,000 new HIV/AIDS infections in 2014, up 14.8 per cent from the previous year, the central health authority here said.

Girl in China got HIV through blood transfusion: Report

A five-year-old girl in China contracted HIV through a blood transfusion, state media reported, the latest case to shine a light on an issue that has long bedevilled the country.

Birth control shot linked to increased risk of HIV infection

Using an injectable birth control method may increase the risk of HIV infection in women, a large meta-analysis of 12 studies in sub-Saharan Africa shows.

212 Cambodian villagers infected with HIV

At least 212 villagers have been infected with HIV in Cambodia's Battambang province, the health ministry and the World Health Organisation (WHO) jointly announced Saturday.

Birth control shot may increase HIV infection risk: Study

A new study has revealed that women who use a certain type of injectable birth control are at a higher risk of becoming infected with HIV than those who take the pill.

HIV infection linked to hearing problems: Study

Adults with HIV may have poorer hearing than those who are not infected with the disease, a US study said Friday.

Over 160 found HIV positive in a Cambodia village

Over 160 villagers in Cambodia's Battambang province have been tested HIV positive, a local official said Thursday.

Antibodies of llamas can counteract HIV: Experts
Antibodies of llamas can counteract HIV: Experts

British scientists found that the antibodies of llamas can be effective in neutralising a series of viruses, including HIV, the PLOS Pathogens magazine reported.

Unlicensed Cambodian doctor charged with spreading HIV

A court in Cambodia`s northwest Battambang province Monday charged an unlicensed doctor with spreading HIV to more than 100 people in the province`s Roka village, the court`s prosecutor Nuon San said.

Ostracising of HIV infected boy amounts to discrimination: UN

The UN on Friday said the ostracising of an eight-year-old HIV-infected Chinese boy from his village amounted to discrimination and stigmatisation by villagers and health workers.

Chinese village expels HIV infected boy

An eight-year-old Chinese boy infected with the HIV virus was forced to leave his home after 200 people including his grandfather signed a petition to expel him from the village.

Shame in China as village votes to expel HIV-positive boy

The plight of a Chinese boy with the HIV virus, reportedly pushed to leave his home by 200 villagers who signed a petition, sparked intense online soul-searching in the country on Thursday.

SC ruling on Sec 377 violation of human rights: LGBT community

Members of the LGBT community and civil society activists on Thursday held a protest here against the Supreme Court verdict of 2013 criminalising gay sex, saying it represented a violation of human rights.

'Non-prevalent' 10 states see rise in HIV patients, record 57 percent cases

The number of HIV patients has registered an increase in states where it was earlier being considered to be non-prevalent with 10 such states together accounting for 57 per cent of new infections in 2012.

Mentally ill people more likely to be tested for HIV

People with mental illnesses are more likely to have been tested for HIV than those without such disorders, a new study says.

Africa should target 'hot zones' to check HIV spread: Study

By targeting hot zones, areas where the risk of HIV infection is much higher than the national average, Africa could prevent up to 40 percent more infections than using conventional strategy, says a study.

Pakistani children test positive for HIV after blood transfusions

  At least 10 Pakistani children who received blood transfusions have tested positive for HIV, officials said Thursday, with a leading medic predicting the discovery could be just the "tip of the iceberg".

Delhi govt suggests schools to observe 'Hepatitis Hour'

In a bid to eliminate Hepatitis disease, Delhi government has suggested that schools should devote at least an hour every month to spread awareness about the disease among students so that they can carry it forward in the society.

10 thalassemic children in Pakistan get HIV due to transfusion

At least 10 Pakistani children suffering from thalassemia have tested positive for the HIV virus after allegedly receiving a transfusion of infected blood.

Anti-HIV drugs supply to increase in Myanmar

Myanmar's health ministry plans to increase the supply of anti-HIV drugs from 60 percent to 95 percent for people infected with the human immunodeficiency virus by 2015, officials said Tuesday.