For dating, Shailene Woodley relies on zodiac signs

"Divergent" actress Shailene Woodley, who is single, strongly believes in horoscope compatibility and when it comes to dating, she relies on zodiac signs.

What does Obama and Romney`s sun signs tell?

US President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney will compete in the presidential race in November.

Horoscope weak proof of birthdate: SC

Supreme Court has held a horoscope to be a very weak piece of material to prove age of a person and the "heavy onus lies" on the person to prove the authenticity of the horoscope he is relying upon to prove a new date of birth.

Horoscope though admissible is weak evidence: SC

Horoscope is an admissible piece of evidence to prove a person`s date of birth though it has low reliability, the Supreme Court has held.

Horoscope by Rowling to fetch £25K in auction

A rare horoscope by JK Rowling is going under the hammer for a £25K.