Dancing, talking robots show off at Madrid congress
Dancing, talking robots show off at Madrid congress

Hundreds of robotics experts and their whirring, flashing robot creations gathered in Madrid on Wednesday for a top world congress on humanoid technology.

`Emotional` robot can be your salesman

Beware salespersons! An "emotional" robot designed to converse with shoppers has been brought to life.

Japan`s SoftBank unveils `family member` robot

Japan`s SoftBank today unveiled what it billed as an "emotional" humanoid robot that will entertain customers at the mobile carrier`s phone outlets -- and maybe become a member of their family.

Now, firefighting robot that can walk through flames

Researchers have developed a humanoid robot that can carry heavy equipment, interact with officers and head straight into a face-melting fire without hesitation.

Now, humanoid robot to make you coffee

A Japanese company has developed a robot that can make coffee for its owner.

Now, humanoid robot that sees and maps in 3D

Researchers have developed one of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world that maps reference relative to its surroundings and is able to "remember" where it has been before.

Soon, robots to walk like humans

Scientists have developed a new robot that replicates normal human foot movements more closely than ever before.

Japanese humanoid robot reappears at Osaka store

A Japanese female humanoid robot, designed as a 26-year-old pop idol and equipped with new skills to recognise words and have conversations.

First humanoid robot spotted at ISS

With his upright posture and shiny gold helmet, the space robot looks more suited for the Star Wars set than the International Space Station.

Human and humanoid robot shake hands in space first

Astronauts and robots have united in space with a healthy handshake.

NASA`s first humanoid robot `turned on` in space

In a bid to help the astronauts in space, NASA researchers have developed a humanoid robot.

Japan to send Twitter-using humanoid robot in space

It would also monitor their health and stress levels and communicate to Earth through the microblogging site Twitter.

Japan eyes humanoid robot mission in space

The Japanese-made robot is expected to stay in the ISS to help communicate with Earth.