Hunting in America older than earlier believed

A new study has claimed that hunters were present at least 800 years earlier than Clovis and that the first inhabitants arrived earlier to North America than previously thought.

Rihanna believes men are hunters who should be kept on their toes!

Barbadian singer Rihanna has revealed that she believes men are hunters who like the chase, and that they should be kept on their toes.

Japan`s dolphin hunters extend season

Fishermen in Japan`s dolphin-hunting town of Taiji have extended their catch season by one month.

Hunters may have delivered fatal blow to mammoths

During the last Ice Age, shaggy mammoths, woolly rhinos and bison lumbered across northern Siberia.

Nomad hunters’ home found in UK

Britain`s oldest house, the home of nomad hunters dating back about 11,500 years, has been found.