Bitter pills necessary for growth: Shikha Sharma

In a candid interview with Mihir Bhatt of Zee Media Corp, Shikha Sharma shares her views on India`s growth prospects, upcoming Union Budget, inflation and much more.

Modi should go for quick disinvestment

Having received a decisive mandate, the world expects Modi to shun singles and doubles to focus on some lusty big hits!

DBS pegs FY15 GDP growth at 5.5% on positive poll outcome

The Dalal Street has been on a song for the past few weeks.

PMO cites growth data to insist Manmohan Singh was not weak

Pankaj Pachauri countered the damaging claims made by a former Media Adviser.

Reforms to give 110-mn job boost to economy in 10 yrs: Goldman

As general elections draw closer, global financial major Goldman Sachs said 40 million new manufacturing jobs can be created in a decade if states follow flexible labour laws like in Gujarat.

Much ado about nothing: Analysts on economic impact of polls

Credit Suisse as well as Bank of America Merrill Lynch have conveyed these views in the research notes prepared for their respective clients in India and abroad.

Elections won`t kick-start investments: Credit Suisse

According to the global financial services major, there can be four scenarios post elections.

Narendra Modi`s win unlikely to boost growth: Moody`s

Senior economist Glenn Levine cited weakness in the real economy as the reason for his pessimism

India lost a decade of growth under UPA rule: Narendra Modi

India, he said, was not only suffering from fiscal deficit but also from "governance deficit, trust deficit, security deficit and moral deficit.

Being born in India is like winning lottery of history: UK envoy

"Being born in India in 21st century is like winning lottery of history" - This is how British envoy explained immense potential for growth in India.

Indian economy in grim situation

The eternal optimists might be in for a setback!